Week Fifteen

End of the second week of January, going to have to put the brakes on, or it is going to be the second week of June.

The weather has gotten much colder over the last couple of days, but this means that the sun is shining the sky is blue, and walking can commence, It just isn’t any fun walking in rain!

I saw an article on the web about walking in the Lune Valley, which is about a 45 minute drive from me, when I came across a peculiar photograph of trees upside down I had to go and see for myself, the walk itself follows the river lune and can be started at Lancaster or Caton, you walk along what use to be a railway line but be aware it is favourite for cycles and they do like to speed, so we had to keep our eye on Bella as she is quite partial to tyre. I have included a few photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Aqueduct near Halton Lancaster

Start of the walk !

Crook O'Lune

The Boy and Pooch WALKIES!

The Upside down trees and the sleeping trees

There were quirky things like these all the way along this walk

The boy thinks he can walk on water

This bridge holds a piece of the M6 and I love the lights!

Below is a montage of photographs I took for my 366 challenge this week, click on my flicker at the side for the reason behind the photographs, I have a busy week of happenings this coming week so I will hopefully have plenty to tell you so TTFN’

Week 2 of the 366 Challenge!