Week Twelve

OK first let meĀ  apologize for being a few days late on my post, on Christmas eve I came down with the Flu, yep bloody annoying I spent Christmas in my bed and had beechams and lemsips for my Christmas dinner,but after a bit of R&R I feel almost human again, now thats out of the way here is what I was going to post.

Last week was a busy one,last minute gift buying ang last minute food shopping, people are crazy the way they hoard food as if the world is going to end but I guess I am also guilty of this too as I am having trouble closing the freezer drawers but with the daughter being home and the mother visiting I am sure it will all go before the New Year!

As I mentioned my daughter is home for Christmas from University and look what she made us let me tell you it was yummy and is now all gone!

I think she may have to make another one before she goes back.

This week at work was also amusing as my boss and my friend and work colleague decided to dress up for christmas they amused us all and the customers, I may regret this but you have to see! They very good sports to let me get this picture but I have ordered a large copy from snap fish for the office LOL!

Here is one of my cats getting in on the festivities he was the only one of my boys who was up for the shoot even the little lady wouldn’t pose for us so here my Boo in my Bella’s coat how cute!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and get what you asked Santa for!

Here is a Christmas Kiss for you all!