Week Twenty Eight

Not a lot to report this week, I had quite a bit of overtime at work so when I wasn’t there I was catching up on sleep, but I did manage to get a photo shoot in with the cats they do show off you know!

Here is a couple more shots of the day of Boo this cat knows when to play at the camera!

I love this one, he loves sticking his tongue out at me!

Took Bella a walk on a different route today via a local park and came across this I love finding quirky things like this!

And here is Bella chewing up a stick, plenty of fiber in this dogs diet!

And in honor of my furry boys! Here is a video compilation of one of my favourite musicals, I went to see this at the New London theater in 1980 , on the second week it showed Brian Blessed , Elaine Paige, Wayne Sleep, Paul Nicholas and Bonny Langford headlined , I even got to hold some kittens (real) in the interval, I felt so honored at the young age of 10 years experiencing this phenomenal show  , I thought I would share it with you all!

And finally here are my 366 photo’s from this week hope you like , if you want to know the stories behind the pic click on my flickr link.

Thanks for Reading and Hope you have a great week!


Week Twenty Five

Well temperature soared towards the latter end of this week , I think it hit 80 in Blackpool. it’s only bloody March, we are going to pay for this in the summer!  Oh well better buy me some wellies and a mac! It is only 8 weeks until we go on holiday and I am getting excited , but if I want to get into the shorts I need to step up the gym a bit and do some more spinning! This week also so the opening of the long awaited film The Hunger Games. And we took a trip to the Zoo, which I have tons of photographs off!

First up this week The Hunger Games was on general release all over the globe,I must say after reading the book I too was starting to feel the excitement, the film did not disappoint, the only criticism I have is I was an adult and this is rated for teenagers and the movie was shot in such a way to reflect this, but taking that away I loved it, if you haven’t read the books , I highly recommend them after you go and see the film!

here is a trailer for the film for those who have been under a rock!

And here is website that assigns you a district and a job a bit of fun! The Capitol, Here is what I got

One marketing campaign in America for the games was by a nail polish company China Glaze who brought out the Capital colours and had the Tag line ‘What will you be wearing to the opening ceremony?’,  my friends I hear the groans but I couldn’t possibly let the opportunity go by without dressing my nails for the occasion and as I was assigned District Eight , I dressed my nails like fabric! Hope you Likes! The full write up is on my blog Northern Nails.

China Glaze, Stone cold Stamped over with a-england, Excalibur with plate MoYou 81.

Also this week my daughter and I and some friends went to the Zoo, the good thing about where I live it is a 10 minute walk to the zoo, yep , you read correctly we can hear the sea lions  from our house and I take my dog for walks behind it , although she does get scared when the lions roar! So here are tons of photographs of our day out and the sun stayed out all day too.

My favourite animal! this one was so entertaining

The show was brilliants and the seal clapping was so cheeky!

And again here I have more of my 366 challenge for you and if you want to catch the stories behind the pics click on my flicker account.

Week Seventeen

I have had a very uneventful week this week, I have worked too many hours been to the gym again and failed to lose any weight ,must try harder and worked too many hours…… did I say that already! anyways last Sunday I went for a walk along the promenade in Blackpool and came across this wonderful piece of art 

I was surprised at how big this was , and you can even read some of the jokes, sayings catchphrases from the top of the tower! So here are a few snaps from the Comedy Carpet.

Braver than me walking on that

view of the carpet looking towards North Pier

Do you remember this programme?

Very Funny!

loved this!

Could have spent longer here going to have to go again soon

Below is another weeks worth of pictures from my 366 challenge , WOW it’s getting harder to think of things to shoot!

Week Sixteen

The week started out painful and ended painful but hopeful the pain will be worth it!

Monday was the day my major dental work started, I had two teeth at the front of my mouth removed and a sticky bridge put in to fill the gap, already there is a huge difference, so let the smiling commence, I have still got some work to be done but at least the worst is over! I may put a pic up of my smile in future posts we will have to see.

On Thursday I went for my Induction at the Gym, I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in nearly twenty plus years but seeing as I have managed to put two stone on since I quit smoking, I figuered it was time for it come off, but I bet it doesn’;t come off as fast, anyway I thought I did well, broke out in a seweat a few times not from the exercise bby trying to work the machines WOW things have changed.

I am a bit sore but enjoyed it and I decided to go again today which was great as it loosened my muscles up!

Went on a mini walk yesturday took the pooch around herons reach but as it’s like a bog at the moment , we oly got as far as the Zoo so decided to take a detour through Woodland Gardens, it is a lovely hidden gem and great place for me to get some photographs so again for your viewing pleasure some shots of mine and the pooches walk.

This was how the sky looked before our walk the rainbow was whole but I coulnd’t get it all on my shot!

What my Pooch won’t do for a stick!

It was freezing and she kept jumping in and out like it was a hot sunny day!

In better weather I cycle through here and the first time I saw this I fell of my bike scared the poop out of me!

Quirky things are scattered about the place

I think this is a toadstool but seems to have rotted a bit!

Nice snowdrops they were everywhere along with a few early daffies!

And below is the next six photographs for my challenge of a picture a day through 2012.

If you want to know the story behind the photo’s click on my Flickr

Week Fifteen

End of the second week of January, going to have to put the brakes on, or it is going to be the second week of June.

The weather has gotten much colder over the last couple of days, but this means that the sun is shining the sky is blue, and walking can commence, It just isn’t any fun walking in rain!

I saw an article on the web about walking in the Lune Valley, which is about a 45 minute drive from me, when I came across a peculiar photograph of trees upside down I had to go and see for myself, the walk itself follows the river lune and can be started at Lancaster or Caton, you walk along what use to be a railway line but be aware it is favourite for cycles and they do like to speed, so we had to keep our eye on Bella as she is quite partial to tyre. I have included a few photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Aqueduct near Halton Lancaster

Start of the walk !

Crook O'Lune

The Boy and Pooch WALKIES!

The Upside down trees and the sleeping trees

There were quirky things like these all the way along this walk

The boy thinks he can walk on water

This bridge holds a piece of the M6 and I love the lights!

Below is a montage of photographs I took for my 366 challenge this week, click on my flicker at the side for the reason behind the photographs, I have a busy week of happenings this coming week so I will hopefully have plenty to tell you so TTFN’

Week 2 of the 366 Challenge!

Week Fourteen

WOW the first week in the new year is nearly over, how did that happen?

I spent most of this week cleaning up after the festivities, decorations down, freezing leftovers, eating leftovers, getting uniforms ready and still getting over the cold and back to work, it’s all over too quick for me.

I received my December glossybox, this time it was red instead of pink which was a lovely touch and it had some lovely gifts in it check the photo below

1. RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel (£6.50/200ml)

2. NOUVEAU LASHES Noir Mascara (£14.99/8g)

3. DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped-To-Go Sachet (£16/polish; £14/x6 removers)
4. CARGO COSMETICS Classic Lip Gloss (£10/full size)
5. FIRST AID BEAUTY (FAB) Face Cleanser (£13/141g) this product is also sold at boots.
I haven’t tried any of theses products yet so I can’t comment on them but looking forward to trying the foam shower gel and the nail polish.
The 366 Photographs a day challenge
I also joined a group called the 366 day challenge, it is where you have to take a picture a day and post it on one of your social media platforms, I have done a special collection for you all but you can look at what inspired me to take the photograph at my flicker, which is on the right of this page! This would normally be the 365 challenge trust me to do it in a leap year!
And the other day I got bored and went a photographing session involving the little members of my family so here is a montage of my favourite ones of them.
Bella the dog, Ali the cat and Boo the cat!