Week Thirteen

As you are aware , that is if you read my last post I was very ill over the Christmas Period and I am on the road to recovery although very slowly!

I don’t generally go out on New Years eve mostly because there are to many idiots out at the

same time that drink far too much, and the other reason is that it is far too expensive the clubs charge treble for the privilege of drinking their alcohol which you pay an extortion for the entertainment to come to think about it is no different either except the DJ probably is as drunk as everyone else and you need at least a weeks wages to get a cab home! so yep I stay at home which usually entails me having everyones kids but you see I get the best bit of the deal, I here you say are you mad!

Nope as I see it they go to bed about 10ish and then I have a few drinks and see in the new Year with the TV and everyone in Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar square, but I am toasty warm, and have plenty of room to stretch my legs and not lets forget the lots of sloppy kisses. And the mums and dads of the kids have them back while they still have hangovers so all is well!

I can’t wait to start this New Year , a new hobby (polishes) and a new set of lungs since it will be seven months since I quit ,next it is time to drop the weight that I gained after I did it! I also have a holiday in Ibiza to look forward to and camping down south to catch the Olympics it’s going to be a great year!