Week Fifty Two

Well it is finally here , hang on a moment let me rephrase that here we are full circle and it came around so quickly, tomorrow will be my 42 Birthday and the end of the blog!

This year I have been quite busy , as some of you may know , I started a blog called Northern Nails about the same time as I started this one, it is about my nail polish collection which is ever growing and my attempts of nail art , which I think over the year has improved I will let you decide with these pictures!

This year I have been on a health Kick , as last year I quit smoking and over the course of a few months I swelled somewhat, so with the help of the gym and my bike rides this is slowly shedding, which for me being a computer geek is an achievement. I hoping to step it up a gear next year as my wish is to drop a couple of dress sizes for the summer.

I have been very fortunate this year as I have had a couple of fabulous holidays, One to Ibiza and one to London, both were great in there own way, Ibiza was just what the doctor ordered , Sun , Sea and sand and plenty of all of it, it was super hot  and I was relaxed and recharged when we got home. The second holiday me and the family went to London, not to see the Queen but to hopefully soak up the atmosphere of the Greatest games on Earth which are the Olympics and just our luck they were held in London this year , This was a stark contrast from Ibiza, as it was lousy weather and we rushed around everywhere so not to miss anything. But I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, we were fortunate enough to catch a few of the events and the atmosphere was electric.

This year has also been a sad year at times , as we lost a few people that were near and dear to us , I hope overtime that the healing process starts and my friends and family will remember the good times they shared with these beautiful souls.

I too lost a beloved member of our family , Our Simba, whom was loving and faithful friend to the end , bet he is causing mayhem up there!

I have embarked on a challenge this year too, the 366 challenge, this is where you have to take a photo everyday for a year , thankfully I am still partaking in this challenge , even if though the pics are somewhat crap! You can follow my progress here .

So it is with a Happy heart that I say goodbye to all of you that have followed my journey in my Forty First year and here’s hoping to an even better Year 42 but alas only my friends and family will know what is afoot , Thankyou again for joining me along the way!