Week Thirty Two

Hope everyone has had a productive week, I have been very busy buying clothes for our Holiday which is a week on Wednesday! I can’t wait now , so this week will probably drag! I never got down to a sixteen so I had to buy a wardrobe full of clothes good job I saved just in case!

Mine and the boys new togs for the hols!

Congrats to Blackpool Football Club for making it to the Play Off Finals again! We have one game standing between us and the Premiership and of all the teams in the Championship it has to be the Hammer, so come pool we believe , take the game too them and lets go back up!

This week I received my last glossybox, I decided to stop this month as most of the products were cremes or hair products and I was thinking this was more of a beauty box with makeup and polish samples , anyways £12 for a product your not happy with has to go, so here is what I got this month , it was a Au natural box which included beauty balm, lip sols, hair serum ,hand creme and an eye pencil!

I may have to take the boy to see this this week also looks very funny!

It has been a lazy time in the Procky house this week as you can see by the animals in the pic below!

Here are my photo’s for the 366 challenge!

One last thing come Man City you can do it and Good Luck this afternoon lets knock United of the top once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Week Twenty Eight

Not a lot to report this week, I had quite a bit of overtime at work so when I wasn’t there I was catching up on sleep, but I did manage to get a photo shoot in with the cats they do show off you know!

Here is a couple more shots of the day of Boo this cat knows when to play at the camera!

I love this one, he loves sticking his tongue out at me!

Took Bella a walk on a different route today via a local park and came across this I love finding quirky things like this!

And here is Bella chewing up a stick, plenty of fiber in this dogs diet!

And in honor of my furry boys! Here is a video compilation of one of my favourite musicals, I went to see this at the New London theater in 1980 , on the second week it showed Brian Blessed , Elaine Paige, Wayne Sleep, Paul Nicholas and Bonny Langford headlined , I even got to hold some kittens (real) in the interval, I felt so honored at the young age of 10 years experiencing this phenomenal show  , I thought I would share it with you all!

And finally here are my 366 photo’s from this week hope you like , if you want to know the stories behind the pic click on my flickr link.

Thanks for Reading and Hope you have a great week!

Week Fourteen

WOW the first week in the new year is nearly over, how did that happen?

I spent most of this week cleaning up after the festivities, decorations down, freezing leftovers, eating leftovers, getting uniforms ready and still getting over the cold and back to work, it’s all over too quick for me.

I received my December glossybox, this time it was red instead of pink which was a lovely touch and it had some lovely gifts in it check the photo below

1. RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel (£6.50/200ml)

2. NOUVEAU LASHES Noir Mascara (£14.99/8g)

3. DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped-To-Go Sachet (£16/polish; £14/x6 removers)
4. CARGO COSMETICS Classic Lip Gloss (£10/full size)
5. FIRST AID BEAUTY (FAB) Face Cleanser (£13/141g) this product is also sold at boots.
I haven’t tried any of theses products yet so I can’t comment on them but looking forward to trying the foam shower gel and the nail polish.
The 366 Photographs a day challenge
I also joined a group called the 366 day challenge, it is where you have to take a picture a day and post it on one of your social media platforms, I have done a special collection for you all but you can look at what inspired me to take the photograph at my flicker, which is on the right of this page! This would normally be the 365 challenge trust me to do it in a leap year!
And the other day I got bored and went a photographing session involving the little members of my family so here is a montage of my favourite ones of them.
Bella the dog, Ali the cat and Boo the cat!

Week Twelve

OK first let me  apologize for being a few days late on my post, on Christmas eve I came down with the Flu, yep bloody annoying I spent Christmas in my bed and had beechams and lemsips for my Christmas dinner,but after a bit of R&R I feel almost human again, now thats out of the way here is what I was going to post.

Last week was a busy one,last minute gift buying ang last minute food shopping, people are crazy the way they hoard food as if the world is going to end but I guess I am also guilty of this too as I am having trouble closing the freezer drawers but with the daughter being home and the mother visiting I am sure it will all go before the New Year!

As I mentioned my daughter is home for Christmas from University and look what she made us let me tell you it was yummy and is now all gone!

I think she may have to make another one before she goes back.

This week at work was also amusing as my boss and my friend and work colleague decided to dress up for christmas they amused us all and the customers, I may regret this but you have to see! They very good sports to let me get this picture but I have ordered a large copy from snap fish for the office LOL!

Here is one of my cats getting in on the festivities he was the only one of my boys who was up for the shoot even the little lady wouldn’t pose for us so here my Boo in my Bella’s coat how cute!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and get what you asked Santa for!

Here is a Christmas Kiss for you all!

Week Eleven

This time next week it will all be over , the hours spent buying presents then wrapping them, time spent queuing  to buy food then preparing and making it, in seconds the presents are open and in minutes the food is eaten, it is a good job that Christmas at least for me isn’t just about the day itself but everything leading up to it.

This week was our staff party, we had it at the Sheraton hotel,Blackpool, the food was lovely, the entertainment great and the company fantastic thanks to our very generous boss for footing the bill! But alas no pictures as not one of us took a camera , I am not too bothered as hate having my pic taken.

This weeks post is a bit thin so I have got some pictures of my animals showing the Christmas spirit.




And of course it isn’t Christmas until you have seen this advert on TV, by the way still haven’t seen it!

And a couple more shots of my boy and girl chilling after a full day wrapping presents!

Week nine

Okies this week I have found another nail polish I am all over, just love the effect it creates, It is also 3 weeks to Christmas and Lady Gaga released her new video which is absolutely fabulous.

This week I bought a new topcoat for my nails, oh no not another one I hear you say, well hell yes this one is awesome as it turns all polishes on my nails matte yes no sparkles its fab but here is a picture just to show you. This will get abused after Christmas a lot.

Well this weekend I put up my Christmas decs , I love this time of year, when you can shut the curtains pull the duvet over you and snuggle on the sofa and watch TV, and have lots of sparkly things scattered about the place, I really do like and with only 3 weeks to go until the big day I need to get cracking on with the present buying I have only bought one so far. Here are some pictures of my decorations this year. Do you think I love Disney too.

This week saw the release of Lady Gaga’s new video Marry the night, she sang the song on The X Factor last week ,so here is the Video hope you like as much as me!

Lastly here are a couple of pictures, these are Bella the dog and Ali the cat and you can see fromthe picture where Ali got his name from LOL

What ya looking at walk away just walk away!

I warned you dumb dog, I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Have a Great week People!