Week Forty Eight

The countdown has really begun in 4 weeks time the blog will be a year old and I will have completed my first year diary. This week has been full of bike rides diets and weight loss.

I have managed to get out on my bike most days this week, I have also carried on with watching what I eat and I have managed to lose a kilo in weight, not much I know but every last pound is important!

One bike ride stands out to me this week Why? this was the the longest ride I have done to date and also the most entertaining, me and the family decided to brighten up our bikes and ride the Light. In September the Famous Blackpool Illuminations get switched on but before that happens they use us cyclist as guinea pigs to test the lights. They close the promenade off to motorists for a few hours so that cyclist can ride up and down the lights and get a first glimpse of them. Here are some pictures and video footage of our evening! The video footage is really short I found it difficult negotiating the masses and having a camera in my hand!

Also this week I got roped into staging a games night for the kids, we played the adventure Dungeons and dragons , which is great but they really do gang up on me!

So I decided to get them back lol I may regret this but what the hell! So for now thanks for reading and come back soon!


Week Forty Six

I have just realized that I have only Six weeks to go before I turn 42 and the blogs name will have to change, this means I will have to start looking back on my 41st year and see what I have been up to! In the meantime I don’t know about you lot but I am missing the Olympics, there is absolutely nothing on TV , which as made me catch up on long overdue housework ;).

Weren’t Team GB amazing! I was specially proud of the Cycling team and this has inspired me so much that I am now in training for the Manchester to Blackpool cycle ride next year, I am using an application for the iphone called Strava to help me train and I will be be spinning three times a week when the weather wont let me cycle outdoors, if you want to track my progress you can follow it on my Strava page HERE. I have yet to decide on whom I am going to raise money for but will let you all know nearer the time.

This week me and the daughter went to see Ted and what a funny film it turned out to be , defiantly not one for children even if it has a teddy in it , gut wrenchingly  funny and extremely rude and politically incorrect , we need more of these movies 😀 DO NOT let your kids watch with you very rude but funny!

Not much else has happened again other than Blackpool starting off their Championship campaign with a 2-0 win against Millwall Whoop Pool!

Also while I was on the way back from picking the Daughter up from Cleveleys last night I couldn’t help but notice the absolutely stunning sunset happening , so I had to get a few shots of it!

After tons and tons and tons of rain don’t believe me this was our front street on Wednesday last week!

I now own a dingy with oars just in case LOL.

Back to the sunset , so because of all the wet stuff we haven’t seen a sunset in quite a while and this was a beauty, can you see the Lakes fells in the background , now I am a bit pissed I didn’t book the lakes for Bank Hols but Wales is just as stunning!

And finally me and the daughter went shopping , (not nail Polish I promise 😉 Haha) and while sat eating a late lunch I got to thinking how lucky I am to live where I do, I know people often have bad things to say about Blackpool but it has the same amount of idiots as any other town , i don’t think i would have liked to have eaten my lunch with any other views after a long week at work!

Just wish they would hurry up and Finnish it!

Just beautiful!

Tomorrow is Monday but just think in two more sleeps it will be half way through the working week and just another two more it will be Friday and time for a Wonderful Bank Holiday! TTFN

Week Forty and Forty One

As you may or may not be aware I didn’t do a post last weekend, the reason for this is that I woke up at 6.30 pm with a head that felt like it had gone a few rounds with Andy Murray’s Racket and a mouth as dry as the Sahara desert, yes you would be right in thinking I had  beer hangover from hell, the hangover was very much worth it as the night before was one the best nights out I have had in a long long time! Here are some pics to prove it sorry for the state of us but this was towards the end of the night!

The photo’s I neglected to say are of me, daughter and brother and I can add that we were all as bladdered as the other!

Oh dear these were at the end of the night !

So this week was just as uneventful as last week ,except I took Evie out to tea and we caught a movie at The Vue, Cleveleys, I love this cinema as it has extra room for your legs! We went to see The Amazing Spiderman , I can tell you if you like superhero movies this is a definite, if you are in your forties you may remember the cartoon series , well they based spiderman on this and therefore it turned out to be very witty the special effects were great too , here is a clip of it!

Unless you don’t live in the UK or have been away you would have been hard pushed not to notice the lack of a certain large yellow thing that usually resides in the sky sometimes surrounded by clouds, but of late these same clouds have decided to precipitate quite a lot of water on the UK , by Sunday I know I had ,had enough so when the Yellow thing formally known as the SUN decided to don it’s hat I was the first to exploit this! Wearing shorts and t-shirts and armed with plenty of liquid refreshments and goodies , a few of us went down to our local Park to watch a local band. And I must say this was probably one of the best ideas i have had in years. The park in question was Stanley Park and the band Rupert Fabulous.

These are the ones I took

These are a selection that my friends 8 year old boy took I better watch out!

The flowers were also in full bloom in the park I manged to take a few pics here are some for your viewing pleasure!

The one below was my favourite display of them all and very apt for this years celebrations it’s  a good year to be a Brit 😀

Off camping next weekend so hopefuly I will have a tale or two tell until then Have a Superb week at least Monday is over!

Week Thirty Nine

Wow 14 years ago I had a little boy and now that baby is all growed up and man has he grown!


We all went to West Coast Rock Cafe for Euan birthday dinner , everyone enjoyed the food and the adults enjoyed a cheeky drink or two. Here are some pics from the day I forgot my camera so they are sub quality mobile pics!

The Birthday Boy and his firework Cake!

From the left back:Ben, Euan,Nathaniel, Nathan and Bradley!

Euan with Ellie, John and John’s pinky!

Euan’s Cake!

The fudgealistic desert with firework

This like promised was a short post this week as nothing really has happened, so I shall say fare well and leave you with the official Olympics 2012 song by the Muse, I am unsure still as to whether I like it sounds like a queen track but listen for yourselves and see ya all soon!

Week Thirty Eight

This week has been a busy week at work again another 6 days in! The only good things about this is that I get more pennies to spend at the weekend and the weather is bloody awful, a months rain fell in 48 hours and the winds were extremely strong!  Also this week England managed to play themselves out of the group stage and top at that, well done boys ! Now just the Italians to overcome! Just three little words!

Unless you have just arrived in the UK you will be aware that there is a torch making it’s way around the UK, well this Friday so Blackpool’s turn to host the running and festivities but unfortunately the weather spoiled it a bit but all was not lost as the local newspaper here put it!

Ok so because the weather here is totally crappy I took very few pics from this week but a week ago me and Evie took Bella on a photo shoot to the beach at Cleveleys with a couple of friends so enjoy the pics peeps!

The stretch of beach we walked on was so muddy check Bella out she’s a mucky pup! Our flipflop kept sinking so we attached them too her lead.

As you can see Bella loves water in any form, she loves to chase ducks in the lake at Stanley park, run through puddles when it’s rained and jump the waves at the beach!

I dragged Evie around Blackpool this Saturday looking for some patriotic gear for my camping trip to London this summer! Here are some picks of what I picked up

First up I got me some bracelets and rings not very patriotic but keeping with the British mix as English Rose just need a top to go with these, also got me some red white and blue bracelets I love these and also I couldn’t resist this nail polish set!

I can’t wait to try some designs with these polishes , I may be being Patriotic for a while this summer!

I can’t wait to wear the scarves especially the stars and stripes one maybe 4th July watch this space! Thought I may try this bun too although I do envision disasters, and this hair mist smell gorge!

Like I said before the weather is awful at the moment and then it hit me  Wimbledon starts Monday go figure! Our only hope of British success lies with a Scottish boy , although Nadal is my personal favourite, so hope you enjoy the rest of the football tournament whatever becomes of England tonight and the tennis next week I know I will, and I will leave you with my favourite bit from  the Hackney 2012 last night of course it’s Jay Z

You can still watch my 366 challenge at my flickr page and see what I have been taking pics of!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Week Twenty Eight

Not a lot to report this week, I had quite a bit of overtime at work so when I wasn’t there I was catching up on sleep, but I did manage to get a photo shoot in with the cats they do show off you know!

Here is a couple more shots of the day of Boo this cat knows when to play at the camera!

I love this one, he loves sticking his tongue out at me!

Took Bella a walk on a different route today via a local park and came across this I love finding quirky things like this!

And here is Bella chewing up a stick, plenty of fiber in this dogs diet!

And in honor of my furry boys! Here is a video compilation of one of my favourite musicals, I went to see this at the New London theater in 1980 , on the second week it showed Brian Blessed , Elaine Paige, Wayne Sleep, Paul Nicholas and Bonny Langford headlined , I even got to hold some kittens (real) in the interval, I felt so honored at the young age of 10 years experiencing this phenomenal show  , I thought I would share it with you all!

And finally here are my 366 photo’s from this week hope you like , if you want to know the stories behind the pic click on my flickr link.

Thanks for Reading and Hope you have a great week!

Week Twenty Five

Well temperature soared towards the latter end of this week , I think it hit 80 in Blackpool. it’s only bloody March, we are going to pay for this in the summer!  Oh well better buy me some wellies and a mac! It is only 8 weeks until we go on holiday and I am getting excited , but if I want to get into the shorts I need to step up the gym a bit and do some more spinning! This week also so the opening of the long awaited film The Hunger Games. And we took a trip to the Zoo, which I have tons of photographs off!

First up this week The Hunger Games was on general release all over the globe,I must say after reading the book I too was starting to feel the excitement, the film did not disappoint, the only criticism I have is I was an adult and this is rated for teenagers and the movie was shot in such a way to reflect this, but taking that away I loved it, if you haven’t read the books , I highly recommend them after you go and see the film!

here is a trailer for the film for those who have been under a rock!

And here is website that assigns you a district and a job a bit of fun! The Capitol, Here is what I got

One marketing campaign in America for the games was by a nail polish company China Glaze who brought out the Capital colours and had the Tag line ‘What will you be wearing to the opening ceremony?’,  my friends I hear the groans but I couldn’t possibly let the opportunity go by without dressing my nails for the occasion and as I was assigned District Eight , I dressed my nails like fabric! Hope you Likes! The full write up is on my blog Northern Nails.

China Glaze, Stone cold Stamped over with a-england, Excalibur with plate MoYou 81.

Also this week my daughter and I and some friends went to the Zoo, the good thing about where I live it is a 10 minute walk to the zoo, yep , you read correctly we can hear the sea lions  from our house and I take my dog for walks behind it , although she does get scared when the lions roar! So here are tons of photographs of our day out and the sun stayed out all day too.

My favourite animal! this one was so entertaining

The show was brilliants and the seal clapping was so cheeky!

And again here I have more of my 366 challenge for you and if you want to catch the stories behind the pics click on my flicker account.

Week Twenty Three

Another slow week this week had a few hours overtime and it always seems to upset my week! I don’t do anything for it to do so but all the same the week goes by faster. Anyway this week have had my hair dyed, yes the grey has gone, alas I have no photo’s for you lol. moving on, Spinning was great again this week I am really starting to enjoy it more , I might even try for two nights a week , we will see.

As I was saying this week I had my hair dyed , or actually the grey and white in my hair were disguised by the talented Sammy-Jo, and in return I painted her nails and her daughters, of which i have photo’s.

Lexi's nails painted Shocking Pink with a glitter topcoat!

Before I went round I asked what colours they would like , they asked for Nicki Minaj OPI Pink Friday and maybe stamp over with Barry M Shocking Pink, which Sammy Jo had on her nails but Lexi demanded she have the Shocking Pink, this little girl is definatley not a sugar and and spice child lol, she has such a fabulous personality,She is so entertaining! She even insisted on modeling the polish bottle like I do on my Nail blog!

How Cute!!!!!

My brother came over this Saturday and we decided to go down to the beach with the dog and boy and let them run off some steam! the dog did the boy just watched , here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Looking down to the Pleasure Beach, Can you see the Big One? it was running!

The Brother and the Pooch!

The Birds I can tell you I was getting a bit nervous here!

The Pooch and the Croc! or that is what my brother said the rock looked like , Can you see it?

Arghh whats this how did this get on here quick run!!!!!! Oh it' OK it's only the boy lol!

This is one of the works of art that are strewn along the prom, work art erm not too sure about that!

The Boy and Pooch Montage!!

And my friend and fellow photographer Jan, taught me another neat trick the other day via youtube , I will embed it for you, , I always wanted to do a panoramic pic and yesterday I managed it Yeah! and I am that pleased with it I will be defiantly doing some more!

Panoramic of the beach at Stargate Blackpool, you can see the new Tram sheds on the left!

Here is the Video Jan did hope it helps you as much as it did me thanks Bud! And for those who don’t know I work in the Post office just in middle of this pic!

Here are the next pics for my 366 Challenge and that is all people for this week Hope you have a great week!

Week Seventeen

I have had a very uneventful week this week, I have worked too many hours been to the gym again and failed to lose any weight ,must try harder and worked too many hours…… did I say that already! anyways last Sunday I went for a walk along the promenade in Blackpool and came across this wonderful piece of art 

I was surprised at how big this was , and you can even read some of the jokes, sayings catchphrases from the top of the tower! So here are a few snaps from the Comedy Carpet.

Braver than me walking on that

view of the carpet looking towards North Pier

Do you remember this programme?

Very Funny!

loved this!

Could have spent longer here going to have to go again soon

Below is another weeks worth of pictures from my 366 challenge , WOW it’s getting harder to think of things to shoot!