Week Thirty Eight

This week has been a busy week at work again another 6 days in! The only good things about this is that I get more pennies to spend at the weekend and the weather is bloody awful, a months rain fell in 48 hours and the winds were extremely strong!  Also this week England managed to play themselves out of the group stage and top at that, well done boys ! Now just the Italians to overcome! Just three little words!

Unless you have just arrived in the UK you will be aware that there is a torch making it’s way around the UK, well this Friday so Blackpool’s turn to host the running and festivities but unfortunately the weather spoiled it a bit but all was not lost as the local newspaper here put it!

Ok so because the weather here is totally crappy I took very few pics from this week but a week ago me and Evie took Bella on a photo shoot to the beach at Cleveleys with a couple of friends so enjoy the pics peeps!

The stretch of beach we walked on was so muddy check Bella out she’s a mucky pup! Our flipflop kept sinking so we attached them too her lead.

As you can see Bella loves water in any form, she loves to chase ducks in the lake at Stanley park, run through puddles when it’s rained and jump the waves at the beach!

I dragged Evie around Blackpool this Saturday looking for some patriotic gear for my camping trip to London this summer! Here are some picks of what I picked up

First up I got me some bracelets and rings not very patriotic but keeping with the British mix as English Rose just need a top to go with these, also got me some red white and blue bracelets I love these and also I couldn’t resist this nail polish set!

I can’t wait to try some designs with these polishes , I may be being Patriotic for a while this summer!

I can’t wait to wear the scarves especially the stars and stripes one maybe 4th July watch this space! Thought I may try this bun too although I do envision disasters, and this hair mist smell gorge!

Like I said before the weather is awful at the moment and then it hit me  Wimbledon starts Monday go figure! Our only hope of British success lies with a Scottish boy , although Nadal is my personal favourite, so hope you enjoy the rest of the football tournament whatever becomes of England tonight and the tennis next week I know I will, and I will leave you with my favourite bit from  the Hackney 2012 last night of course it’s Jay Z

You can still watch my 366 challenge at my flickr page and see what I have been taking pics of!

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Week Thirty One

Well all! What an up and down week, thats without going to the funfair, It started of really good , but ended very sadly! OK where to start, as you know last week was my friends Granddaughters birthday, so me and Evie decided to kidnap her for the day and took her to the Disney Store, this is mine and Evie’s favorite place ,I know I know sad but I love me some Disney magic better than real world shite any day! They were fabulous , I bought her a Belle dress , great choice this is my favourite Disney movie and then the Disney Crew had her name put on the big screen with Mickey Mouse she was more than thrilled with this, look at that grin!

The little munchkin stayed over Sunday Night too and decided she wanted to take a couple of pics for my blog, the two that aren’t her , she took , her only direction was pull a silly face so we obliged lol 😀

We all went to see the avengers this week and WOW what an excellent film , if you like superhero movies you are gonna love this trust me!

Favourite Quote:

Thor: He’s my brother
Natasha Romanoff: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: …He’s adopted

And here is a Shout Out to Blackpool FC Come on Boys you can do it, one more game then we are off to Wembley for the play off finals, we know you can do it! Sea sea seasiders!

And on a very sad note, our family cat died today , he would have been 18 years old this September which is a grand age for a Cat, so hope he is chasing his tail and those mice in cat heaven RIP Simba! you will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

and here is his song after all he was named after this famous Lion Cub!

And finally here are my next six 366 challenge pics!

Week Thirty

WOW we are on week Thirty all ready , three weeks and I going on holiday , where is this year going, it feels like every time I go to sleep another month has passed me by! May is going to zoom by without too much help from me! So what happened this week, not a lot again , I am still keeping up with the spinning classes , the first one is great , the second one is tough and third one I just want to swear at but nothing worth doing comes easy , so they say!  They also say this month was the wettest on record, today it has done nothing but , it’s bouncing of the pavements , so needless to say most of my 366 challenge has been indoors not to worry as long as we get a half decent summer the rain is worth it!

First up I want to wish Miss Lexy-Megan Brown Happy 4th Birthday, this little one is my friends Grandaughter but is like family she actually turns 4 this week but by next Sunday it will be old news. She is a star, apart from our shared love of all things Disney, at the tender age of 4 she also has a love for nail polish, fantastic I say! but she is not a typical 4 year old girl as rather than liking pinks and pastel shades she prefers her bold colours, take for instance the dress in the picture , I chose a lovely pink to match the belt , I know Lexi would have preferred the navy blue lol, she is ace 😀

Here is a little montage of Miss Lexi-Megan Brown for your viewing pleasure!

This Saturday I thought I was going to the grand opening of my brother Pub The Traveling Hamster (Pub Shed!), when we arrived all was quiet on the western front , it turns out I had arrived 4 weeks too early PMSL sorry I am always either late or extremely early ,oh well I got to have a sneaky peek!, my brother and sister in law have great imaginations and are great artists not the drinking kind either, I can’t wait for summer here! so I have a little montage of pics for you!

My brother is also a talented sculpture , he can make things out of anything including the rolls inside till receipts which he can turn into props for Dungeons and dragons games , here is another set of pics of some of his wares, he sells most of these things on ebay!

They also have a talented dog , I like to call him KangaDog, I bet he could leap tall buildings! Meet Milo the Jumping dog!

The last photograph made me and my brother laugh so hard , it looks like Milo has splatted against the wall. No animals or human were hurt during the photography session!

Lastly my brother has a very eclectic garden, I love things that aren’t meant to be there, this garden is full of them , my favorite is the Pond with the acer tree behind it , below are some pics , nearly done with the pics now phew I here you say!

And finally here are my pics from the 366 challenge which of course you can view in full detail on my flickr page , link is too the right!

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Week Twenty Nine

First of l need to say!

Get In there Pool!


Well done lads awesome win over Burnley just one more game then we have another chance at the play offs then maybe the Premier League, I am so proud to be a seasider today!

Okay now I have exactly 5 weeks before I go on holiday! I am in a dilemma as whether to buy the size in clothes that I am then sell them on when I  get back, or to buy the size below me and risk losing the extra bit of weight that I need to shift! I really don’t know what to do, I may just go for a try on and if the size below is nearly fitting , say If I can fit into them but they are a tad tight, then maybe I will buy!

So as you may have guessed this week has been a really boring week to document as all I have done is Work, eat ,gym,sleep in that order , so here are a couple of pics of the animals!

I think Bella had spotted Ali climbing on the fence !

I had my eyes tested last week and needed my glasses changing , as my reading glasses need to be stronger , so here is the pic I promised of my new glasses!

This weekend so giants walking around Liverpool, unfortunately I was unable to go because of the car, which by the way is ok now, anyways the Giants were in aid of the commemorating the sinking of the Titanic which have been held worldwide for it’s 100 year!

The spectacle was called  Sea Odyssey and was about a little girl trying to find her uncle who had a letter from her father who died when the  Titanic sank, the Giants walked around Liverpool over three days , it looked extraordinary seeing these puppets making the cities landmarks look small, below are some pics and some video footage  from the weekend!

Photo’s courtesy of BBC

Sorry I have nothing more for you all, maybe next week may bring more news!

This one is because I can yummy , he was so funny on Graham Norton last week!

Lastly here are my next few Photographs from my 366 Challenge!

Thanks for Reading and Have a great week!

Week Twenty Eight

Not a lot to report this week, I had quite a bit of overtime at work so when I wasn’t there I was catching up on sleep, but I did manage to get a photo shoot in with the cats they do show off you know!

Here is a couple more shots of the day of Boo this cat knows when to play at the camera!

I love this one, he loves sticking his tongue out at me!

Took Bella a walk on a different route today via a local park and came across this I love finding quirky things like this!

And here is Bella chewing up a stick, plenty of fiber in this dogs diet!

And in honor of my furry boys! Here is a video compilation of one of my favourite musicals, I went to see this at the New London theater in 1980 , on the second week it showed Brian Blessed , Elaine Paige, Wayne Sleep, Paul Nicholas and Bonny Langford headlined , I even got to hold some kittens (real) in the interval, I felt so honored at the young age of 10 years experiencing this phenomenal show  , I thought I would share it with you all!

And finally here are my 366 photo’s from this week hope you like , if you want to know the stories behind the pic click on my flickr link.

Thanks for Reading and Hope you have a great week!

Week Twenty Seven

First of all I would like to wish you all a Happy easter, whether you celebrate the real reason behind the holidays or just the chocolate version, I hope you all have a great time!

What a week, had a week off work, didn’t go away anywhere, didn’t sit back and relax, I decided to take on the monumental job of decorating the kitchen OMG next time I may have to pay someone to do it, I am now minus 10 finger nails 😦 and i have cuts and bruises all over me , I know I was just decorating the kitchen!

I forgot to take some before shots but as I hadn’t decorated in just under 10 years the ceiling was really dirty (smoke fumes explain in a bit), The walls were a dusty yellow (should have been bright sunshine yellow) and the woodwork and metal work a beige colour , so got the picture blah!

So here I present to you my brand new Bright and clean kitchen!

Before the photographs of the kitchen I said I would explain why the kitchen ceiling had smoke stains on it!, no we didn’t have a fire but exactly one year ago this week , I won my battle against the cancer sticks yeah i joined the league of Non Smokers! So hence the smoke stained ceiling.


Nothing else really happened this week as previously stated, oh I did manage to harvest 10 baby Aloe Vera’s of the mummy plant and sow my first batch of seeds this year,

And here are  some of pics of my animals, Bella, Ali and Boo.

And as usual here are pics for my 366 challenge, I am nearly at 100 pics now only 266 more to go! If you want to know the story behind the pic click on my flickr link.

Thanks for reading and Have a great day!

Week Twenty Six

I haven’t got anything to report this week other than I have ill so I have done less than normal, so instead of loads of pictures I am just going to chat her for a bit!

Oh no I here you scream but before you click on another link, today is the day when pranksters are on the prowl and plenty of Fools are made, so i searched the web this morning to find the cream of the crop , I will put a link to the actual article but as they are Aprils fools Jokes they might not be around for ever!

Virgin Volcanic

Sir Richard Branson has launched Virgin Volcanic, on 1 April no less, promising to let people got to the center of the earth and back via their nearest volcano.

“Only 500 people have been to space, only three people have been to the bottom of the ocean, but no one has ever attempted to journey to the core of an active volcano. Until now,”

Bringing self-driving cars to NASCAR

Ever since mankind could go fast, we have longed to go faster. And ever since we’ve done work, we have longed to have someone else, or something else, do that work for us. You might already be familiar with our self driving project

Flickr Your photos, re-envisioned!

We’ve been working around the clock on our bold new design, destined to become the default view for all photos on Flickr – and we can’t wait to show it to you today!  Your photos will be re-envisioned in a glorious black and white Atkinson Dither, removing the distraction of those many many megapixels and stripping your art back to its most original, naked, beautiful form. The new page design has been updated to match the new vintage aesthetic.

Hungry Hippo iPad set

The original Hunger Game returns.

  • Use your iPad as a board and munch with the capacitive-padded heads!
  • Free app download from the Apple store!
  • Just like when you were a kid, only iPad-ier!

If you don’t believe it try buying it lol

Google Maps 8-Bit edition

Here is the link to go and have a look see I think it looks kinda cool lol GOOGLE MAPS

Ikea Product Recall

Meanwhile, Ikea has recalled its left handed allen keys


Adblocker replacing all web ads with pictures of cats

BMW running coach

BMW have a long history of running a BMW April Fools advert and April Fools Day 2012 is no exception with ads running in today’s UK broadsheet newspapers under the headline ‘turn your car into a coach’:

BMW state: ‘As an official sponsor of London 2012, BMW has been inspired to develop a new technology helping customers to boost their fitness in the run up to the Games. The new driverless Running Coach feature uses a combination of Connected Drive technologies and surround view cameras to enable the car to follow the runner, at a safe distance, while pounding the pavement. To help with motivation, integrated exterior speakers play encouraging words while the Lock Out Logistics feature makes sure that any distance set is completed without cheating.

Hope you got through the morning without any pranks played on you I did! I anyone tries now they are the fool 🙂

Here are a couple of fool related songs for you.

Last but not least a montage of my 366 challenge, if you want to know the stories behind the pics click on my flickr.

Thanks for reading and Have a great week!

Week Twenty Five

Well temperature soared towards the latter end of this week , I think it hit 80 in Blackpool. it’s only bloody March, we are going to pay for this in the summer!  Oh well better buy me some wellies and a mac! It is only 8 weeks until we go on holiday and I am getting excited , but if I want to get into the shorts I need to step up the gym a bit and do some more spinning! This week also so the opening of the long awaited film The Hunger Games. And we took a trip to the Zoo, which I have tons of photographs off!

First up this week The Hunger Games was on general release all over the globe,I must say after reading the book I too was starting to feel the excitement, the film did not disappoint, the only criticism I have is I was an adult and this is rated for teenagers and the movie was shot in such a way to reflect this, but taking that away I loved it, if you haven’t read the books , I highly recommend them after you go and see the film!

here is a trailer for the film for those who have been under a rock!

And here is website that assigns you a district and a job a bit of fun! The Capitol, Here is what I got

One marketing campaign in America for the games was by a nail polish company China Glaze who brought out the Capital colours and had the Tag line ‘What will you be wearing to the opening ceremony?’,  my friends I hear the groans but I couldn’t possibly let the opportunity go by without dressing my nails for the occasion and as I was assigned District Eight , I dressed my nails like fabric! Hope you Likes! The full write up is on my blog Northern Nails.

China Glaze, Stone cold Stamped over with a-england, Excalibur with plate MoYou 81.

Also this week my daughter and I and some friends went to the Zoo, the good thing about where I live it is a 10 minute walk to the zoo, yep , you read correctly we can hear the sea lions  from our house and I take my dog for walks behind it , although she does get scared when the lions roar! So here are tons of photographs of our day out and the sun stayed out all day too.

My favourite animal! this one was so entertaining

The show was brilliants and the seal clapping was so cheeky!

And again here I have more of my 366 challenge for you and if you want to catch the stories behind the pics click on my flicker account.

Week Twenty Three

Another slow week this week had a few hours overtime and it always seems to upset my week! I don’t do anything for it to do so but all the same the week goes by faster. Anyway this week have had my hair dyed, yes the grey has gone, alas I have no photo’s for you lol. moving on, Spinning was great again this week I am really starting to enjoy it more , I might even try for two nights a week , we will see.

As I was saying this week I had my hair dyed , or actually the grey and white in my hair were disguised by the talented Sammy-Jo, and in return I painted her nails and her daughters, of which i have photo’s.

Lexi's nails painted Shocking Pink with a glitter topcoat!

Before I went round I asked what colours they would like , they asked for Nicki Minaj OPI Pink Friday and maybe stamp over with Barry M Shocking Pink, which Sammy Jo had on her nails but Lexi demanded she have the Shocking Pink, this little girl is definatley not a sugar and and spice child lol, she has such a fabulous personality,She is so entertaining! She even insisted on modeling the polish bottle like I do on my Nail blog!

How Cute!!!!!

My brother came over this Saturday and we decided to go down to the beach with the dog and boy and let them run off some steam! the dog did the boy just watched , here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Looking down to the Pleasure Beach, Can you see the Big One? it was running!

The Brother and the Pooch!

The Birds I can tell you I was getting a bit nervous here!

The Pooch and the Croc! or that is what my brother said the rock looked like , Can you see it?

Arghh whats this how did this get on here quick run!!!!!! Oh it' OK it's only the boy lol!

This is one of the works of art that are strewn along the prom, work art erm not too sure about that!

The Boy and Pooch Montage!!

And my friend and fellow photographer Jan, taught me another neat trick the other day via youtube , I will embed it for you, , I always wanted to do a panoramic pic and yesterday I managed it Yeah! and I am that pleased with it I will be defiantly doing some more!

Panoramic of the beach at Stargate Blackpool, you can see the new Tram sheds on the left!

Here is the Video Jan did hope it helps you as much as it did me thanks Bud! And for those who don’t know I work in the Post office just in middle of this pic!

Here are the next pics for my 366 Challenge and that is all people for this week Hope you have a great week!

Week Twenty Two

Not a lot to talk about this week but I have plenty of photographs from a recent outing with fellow Photography and friend Jan , we went to see the famous St. Chad Crocuses at Poulton Le Fylde and what a beautiful day it was, this church always reminds me of the song by Chris De Burgh, now less of my jibber jabber here are the pics enjoy!


The Crocus

Crocus and the Bench

Crocus and the Tombstone

Crocus and the Lamppost

St.Chad's and the Crocus

This week my February Glossybox arrived and I wasn’t really that impressed here is a montage of them!

All week I have had this track in my head love it here is the video so it will be in your head all week too

And here is a group of pics from my 366 challenge again if you want to know the story behind the pic check my flickr out!