Week Fifty Two

Well it is finally here , hang on a moment let me rephrase that here we are full circle and it came around so quickly, tomorrow will be my 42 Birthday and the end of the blog!

This year I have been quite busy , as some of you may know , I started a blog called Northern Nails about the same time as I started this one, it is about my nail polish collection which is ever growing and my attempts of nail art , which I think over the year has improved I will let you decide with these pictures!

This year I have been on a health Kick , as last year I quit smoking and over the course of a few months I swelled somewhat, so with the help of the gym and my bike rides this is slowly shedding, which for me being a computer geek is an achievement. I hoping to step it up a gear next year as my wish is to drop a couple of dress sizes for the summer.

I have been very fortunate this year as I have had a couple of fabulous holidays, One to Ibiza and one to London, both were great in there own way, Ibiza was just what the doctor ordered , Sun , Sea and sand and plenty of all of it, it was super hot  and I was relaxed and recharged when we got home. The second holiday me and the family went to London, not to see the Queen but to hopefully soak up the atmosphere of the Greatest games on Earth which are the Olympics and just our luck they were held in London this year , This was a stark contrast from Ibiza, as it was lousy weather and we rushed around everywhere so not to miss anything. But I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, we were fortunate enough to catch a few of the events and the atmosphere was electric.

This year has also been a sad year at times , as we lost a few people that were near and dear to us , I hope overtime that the healing process starts and my friends and family will remember the good times they shared with these beautiful souls.

I too lost a beloved member of our family , Our Simba, whom was loving and faithful friend to the end , bet he is causing mayhem up there!

I have embarked on a challenge this year too, the 366 challenge, this is where you have to take a photo everyday for a year , thankfully I am still partaking in this challenge , even if though the pics are somewhat crap! You can follow my progress here .

So it is with a Happy heart that I say goodbye to all of you that have followed my journey in my Forty First year and here’s hoping to an even better Year 42 but alas only my friends and family will know what is afoot , Thankyou again for joining me along the way!


Week Fifty One

It is the penultimate post here at Year 41 as next week I will turn 42 and that will be the end of the blog. I decided that I wasn’t going to do a weekly blog for next year so this was unique to my first year in my forties!

So onto this week, well apart from lots of work again , I have been out on the bike, even in the rain , which isn’t too bad , I hate the wind , I also started Zumba with a friend and lots of fun bounding around the room and was aching the next day so this was a win!

This weekend me and the daughter went to Manchester , this city is practically on our doorstep and I very rarely visit , so we decided to go and check out what was on, while mooching around we found Afflecks Palace , as I youngster I used to love coming here to buy my going out gear, yes I was a rock chick and still am but without the makeup and clothes! I love what they have done to the building and this saxophone has been here forever! The picture of the car belongs to the cupcake lady whom we met inside , she was great very helpful and runs classes on Saturdays, she has some unique tasty cakes unfortunately we ate them so no pics but they were yummy, I bought my moulds here for my cup cakes!

Next up we went to a vintage market , this was being run by my cousin whom I hadn’t seen for some time maybe nearly 10 years or more, it was great to see her and me and Evie had a lovely time browsing the stalls, where I bought some mittens for winter and Evie managed to con me out of money for some mustache rings!  There were tile murals all over to go with the original tile in the building , wish I had taken the canon so the I phone pics will have to do!

We also found the International food festival, this was very busy and quite lively by the time we got here we were very hungry and the smells were gorgeous , we had a quick scan around and saw the Spanish stall, where we had some Chorizo they were so yummy, I also had a fresh squeezed lemonade nice and refreshing on a sunny day (not warm), we had a really good day out and will have to visit again or maybe it could be Liverpool’s turn.

Finally a couple of pics of buildings that caught my eye!


Thanks for reading and look forward to next weeks reminiscing post!

Week Fifty

Hi all , this week I can say with great pride , I have done absolutely nothing , this doesn’t happen often but when it does by the end of the week I feel nice and refreshed and ready for the next one! Actualy I tell a lie we did do something this week !

Yep we have another birthday this week , it was Mum’s turn so we all went out for a meal at Thornton Lodge and had too much to eat but nottoo much to drink as I was driving!
Here are the pics from the night and I took some of the food don’t know why just did!

From top : Euan,John,Evie , Ian , Moi and Mumsy!

And here is the gurb!

From Left , starter for two, this fed six, Squared chicken burger, BBQ Chicken with bacon and cheese Texan Style, Large Sunday roast without the roast , everyone else ate too fast!

That is all have for you this week I know it is slim pickings I promise better next week , I have listening to this track alot again , this is one of the first songs by this band I bought on Vinyl yep not cd or mp3 that old black plastic stuff now enjoy!

Week Forty Nine

Fist of all I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to someone who is very important to me as if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here!

We’ve had a great day today, Every year for Dad’s birthday we all get together and go out for a meal but this time we also did a walk , which was a treasure hunt, it is a walk around Condor Green and Glasson Dock which finishes at a pub! We didn’t find the treasure but we had a lovely meal at the Mill and a fabulous walk which ended with the dogs having a swim in the canal and us getting wet from the rain! Here are the pics!

Here is my favourite of picture of the Day!  We all decided we had had enough and parked ourselvbes on the Lock near The Mill where we ate!

While out on the walk I decided to give Geocacheing another go , everytime I go out to find these things I come away without finding anything! But not this time , thanks to my brother I found my first ever Geocache , it was a tiny one but was well worth the find!

And finally here is a pic of the dog who after a long day got a well deserved lift back to the car LOL!

Week Forty Eight

The countdown has really begun in 4 weeks time the blog will be a year old and I will have completed my first year diary. This week has been full of bike rides diets and weight loss.

I have managed to get out on my bike most days this week, I have also carried on with watching what I eat and I have managed to lose a kilo in weight, not much I know but every last pound is important!

One bike ride stands out to me this week Why? this was the the longest ride I have done to date and also the most entertaining, me and the family decided to brighten up our bikes and ride the Light. In September the Famous Blackpool Illuminations get switched on but before that happens they use us cyclist as guinea pigs to test the lights. They close the promenade off to motorists for a few hours so that cyclist can ride up and down the lights and get a first glimpse of them. Here are some pictures and video footage of our evening! The video footage is really short I found it difficult negotiating the masses and having a camera in my hand!

Also this week I got roped into staging a games night for the kids, we played the adventure Dungeons and dragons , which is great but they really do gang up on me!

So I decided to get them back lol I may regret this but what the hell! So for now thanks for reading and come back soon!

Week Forty Seven

This weekend I was meant to go camping in North Wales but  yep the Rain ell and kept on falling and so the camping trip was cancelled. So this week I have a very short post for you.

Today I went on my bike ride but this time , I went to Skipool and back which is about 13 km which took about 50 mins not bad but if I’m going to do the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride I need to step it up a bit! Anyway this beautiful place is within easy reach of me and I have never been before, Never been although the Bridge in one of the pics I have traveled a cross in my car many times!


I rode back home via Poulton and had a look for the so called Pirate grave! Can you see the skulls in the graves ?


Also just a random thing but this morning while I was eating my breakfast , this parked outside my house I thought i was going back down south again I love these buses!


Week Forty Six

I have just realized that I have only Six weeks to go before I turn 42 and the blogs name will have to change, this means I will have to start looking back on my 41st year and see what I have been up to! In the meantime I don’t know about you lot but I am missing the Olympics, there is absolutely nothing on TV , which as made me catch up on long overdue housework ;).

Weren’t Team GB amazing! I was specially proud of the Cycling team and this has inspired me so much that I am now in training for the Manchester to Blackpool cycle ride next year, I am using an application for the iphone called Strava to help me train and I will be be spinning three times a week when the weather wont let me cycle outdoors, if you want to track my progress you can follow it on my Strava page HERE. I have yet to decide on whom I am going to raise money for but will let you all know nearer the time.

This week me and the daughter went to see Ted and what a funny film it turned out to be , defiantly not one for children even if it has a teddy in it , gut wrenchingly  funny and extremely rude and politically incorrect , we need more of these movies 😀 DO NOT let your kids watch with you very rude but funny!

Not much else has happened again other than Blackpool starting off their Championship campaign with a 2-0 win against Millwall Whoop Pool!

Also while I was on the way back from picking the Daughter up from Cleveleys last night I couldn’t help but notice the absolutely stunning sunset happening , so I had to get a few shots of it!

After tons and tons and tons of rain don’t believe me this was our front street on Wednesday last week!

I now own a dingy with oars just in case LOL.

Back to the sunset , so because of all the wet stuff we haven’t seen a sunset in quite a while and this was a beauty, can you see the Lakes fells in the background , now I am a bit pissed I didn’t book the lakes for Bank Hols but Wales is just as stunning!

And finally me and the daughter went shopping , (not nail Polish I promise 😉 Haha) and while sat eating a late lunch I got to thinking how lucky I am to live where I do, I know people often have bad things to say about Blackpool but it has the same amount of idiots as any other town , i don’t think i would have liked to have eaten my lunch with any other views after a long week at work!

Just wish they would hurry up and Finnish it!

Just beautiful!

Tomorrow is Monday but just think in two more sleeps it will be half way through the working week and just another two more it will be Friday and time for a Wonderful Bank Holiday! TTFN

Week Forty Four and Forty Five

Last week me and mine went to London to visit the Queen! Well actually we went camping in Essex, the reason for this was to go and see a show, meetup with a friend and go and watch some of the Olympics. We had a fabulous time,I have ordered me some new feet from all the walking that I have done.

First off the campsite , it was a lovely quiet site, it was large with it being a club site but all the same quiet, there were a few of the game makers camped up there as its only a 20 min commute into Stratford and London. It is located in Kelvedon Hatch which is famous for its large Nuclear bunker! The weather on the whole was great nice and warm but on occasions it did rain but not that drizzle stuff the full on downpour, I have video evidence off what it is like to be in a tent in a storm!

London was fabulous as ever, the transport wasn’t to bad at least this time we had our own personal space on the tube, for those of you who have been before you know what i mean! Anyways we did the usual sightseeing duties here are few pics of it.

A word of warning if you ever go to London and haven’t been before , it is expensive eating out, we went for a chippy before we went to see Rock of Ages and ending up spending nearly £50 , when did we start putting prices on eating outside I didn’t think we were European yet!

Everytime we travelled into London we passed through Stratford this is where the Olympic Stadium is , here is a bit of footage from the train. And a few pics of the Stadium from Westfield Shopping center.

Whist down here we couldn’t miss opportunity to visit Thorpe Park , I think I am not alone in saying we shouldn’t have bothered, really Five extreme rides and a couple of water rides and 2-3 hour waiting times and £5 for a fast track per ride but that saying whist there we made the most of it and the rides we did get on were great! here’s some pics!

We went to the West End to see a show called Rock of Ages starring Justin Lee Collins and Shane Ward, if you were a teenager in the 80’s and love rock you will love this show, it was so much better than the film and that was good!

Whilst down south I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of meeting up with fellow Nail Blogger and Twitterer Esther, she showed us around different parts of London and man did we shop , I should have pre warned her I maybe not be the best person to shop nail polish with if you’re not wanting to buy! sorry! Esther took me and Evie to Brixton , this place is fab for polish shopping I bought a few LA colors from here and some Nicole by OPI, then we went Westfield at Sheppard’s bush I love this Mall wish we had one here too (maybe not). Here we saw the Models Own shop bottle! Next time we will grab drinks instead I promise ;D I just wish we had some of the shops up here or on hind sight it’s maybe a good job we don’t . Thanks again Esther it was lovely to meet you 😀

The main reason for coming to London was of course to see some of the Olympics, we decided to go and watch the Race Walkers at the Mall just across from Buckingham Palace and man they are funny to watch here is some footage and pics from our afternoon and the crows were amazing.

What did I say they were quite funny weren’t they I bet you smiled!
Anyways a trip to London couldn’t be complete without a trip to The Hard Rock cafe, it is a bit pricey but well worth it her I had a cocktail called Pinkled Tink! I am a bit worried as I haven’t seen Tink in a while and I’m hoping no tink were harmed whist making this but it was yummy!

Heres the Pickled Tink!

That’s it for this week and last week ! thanks for reading hope to see you back soon!

Week Forty Three

Not a lot to report this week as i have done my fair share of overtime in work, all week I have been saying think of the money! Now the week is over I am having a well deserved Bum weekend , which means I will be spending it trying to do absolutely nothing. The reason for this is that on Wednesday of next week me and mine will be going on holiday , yep again this time we are away for a week camping in the beautiful Essex countryside, near Brentwood Essex, if the name is familiar it is where the God awful series TOWIE is filmed apparently! The reason for this camping trip is to soak in the atmosphere of the London Olympics, as this will be the last time in my lifetime or even my children’s lifetime and its a great excuse to catch a West end musical Rock of Ages! and we are theme park nuts so we will be visiting Thorpe Park for the day too, I will also be meeting up with a friend I have been chatting to for a while on Twitter Esther, she is going to show me some good polish shops hopefully.

As I mentioned you can’t but help to notice something huge is happening in the UK at the moment, if your asking what! where the hell have you been!

Hailed as the greatest show on earth! And if the opening ceremony is a sign of things to come it’s gonna be a good one.  I loved everything about it , I must admit I was a bit worried when the opening sequence showed green fields and farming then the Brunell piece but when the chimneys started to emerge from the ground, the whole ceremony came alive for me. The Olympic rings being forged during out industrial age were genius , the NHS sequence was just brilliant , show casing a British institution that is on its knees and pushing it down the throats of the people who can save it ,showing how much it means to a nation! The digital sequence I enjoyed the most , as a Brit who loves all kinds of music , it amazes me still that we produce and have produced some of the most iconic music in the world and I for a moment felt proud to be British. My Favourite part though of the whole night has to be the appearance of one of our most talented comedians, although my favourite character of his is Black adder, Mr Bean was a great choiceto showcase, here is a reminder of his perfect performance!

Anyway the opening ceremony was fantastic but the real reason we have it is to showcase the wanna be Olympians and what a colourful bunch they were and I loved Team GB parade suits, a lot more casual than I was expecting but I loved them all the same . So on behalf of my self and my family I hope the Games are a great success and that Team GB manage to win a few medals on home turf!

image source:

Week Forty Two

As promised this week was a bit more eventful it started off with me being invited to my Friends Granddaughter Dance show, what a great night, the little lady in question loved it too! Here are some pics of her and the family!

This weekend we decided  more to the point I decided to take the tent out and give it an airing before our camping trip to London for the Olympics, but instead of pitching it on our local green I decided to take myself and the boy and the pooch to Delamere Forest and my Friend Nikkie and her son Nathaniel came too and this was their first ever camp!

The lake was smack bang in the middle of  the forest and it was rife wit midges and Horseflies and now my legs are all lumpy!

The photo of Euan on the water made me laugh , Jesus my ass muhahahhaha

The weather was absolutely glorious and I am hoping that our week away is just as nice! Now onto the kids pics!

Here are a selection of pics that Euan took!

And the ones that Nathaniel Took!

And to end a fantastic weekend off me and the kids went to see the last installment of the Batman series and my I wasn’t disappointed, OK maybe a tiny bit but not because of the film that was awesome the fact that there will be no more, here is a clip if you haven’t seen it already!