Week Fifty One

It is the penultimate post here at Year 41 as next week I will turn 42 and that will be the end of the blog. I decided that I wasn’t going to do a weekly blog for next year so this was unique to my first year in my forties!

So onto this week, well apart from lots of work again , I have been out on the bike, even in the rain , which isn’t too bad , I hate the wind , I also started Zumba with a friend and lots of fun bounding around the room and was aching the next day so this was a win!

This weekend me and the daughter went to Manchester , this city is practically on our doorstep and I very rarely visit , so we decided to go and check out what was on, while mooching around we found Afflecks Palace , as I youngster I used to love coming here to buy my going out gear, yes I was a rock chick and still am but without the makeup and clothes! I love what they have done to the building and this saxophone has been here forever! The picture of the car belongs to the cupcake lady whom we met inside , she was great very helpful and runs classes on Saturdays, she has some unique tasty cakes unfortunately we ate them so no pics but they were yummy, I bought my moulds here for my cup cakes!

Next up we went to a vintage market , this was being run by my cousin whom I hadn’t seen for some time maybe nearly 10 years or more, it was great to see her and me and Evie had a lovely time browsing the stalls, where I bought some mittens for winter and Evie managed to con me out of money for some mustache rings!  There were tile murals all over to go with the original tile in the building , wish I had taken the canon so the I phone pics will have to do!

We also found the International food festival, this was very busy and quite lively by the time we got here we were very hungry and the smells were gorgeous , we had a quick scan around and saw the Spanish stall, where we had some Chorizo they were so yummy, I also had a fresh squeezed lemonade nice and refreshing on a sunny day (not warm), we had a really good day out and will have to visit again or maybe it could be Liverpool’s turn.

Finally a couple of pics of buildings that caught my eye!


Thanks for reading and look forward to next weeks reminiscing post!


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