Week Fifty

Hi all , this week I can say with great pride , I have done absolutely nothing , this doesn’t happen often but when it does by the end of the week I feel nice and refreshed and ready for the next one! Actualy I tell a lie we did do something this week !

Yep we have another birthday this week , it was Mum’s turn so we all went out for a meal at Thornton Lodge and had too much to eat but nottoo much to drink as I was driving!
Here are the pics from the night and I took some of the food don’t know why just did!

From top : Euan,John,Evie , Ian , Moi and Mumsy!

And here is the gurb!

From Left , starter for two, this fed six, Squared chicken burger, BBQ Chicken with bacon and cheese Texan Style, Large Sunday roast without the roast , everyone else ate too fast!

That is all have for you this week I know it is slim pickings I promise better next week , I have listening to this track alot again , this is one of the first songs by this band I bought on Vinyl yep not cd or mp3 that old black plastic stuff now enjoy!


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