Week Forty Eight

The countdown has really begun in 4 weeks time the blog will be a year old and I will have completed my first year diary. This week has been full of bike rides diets and weight loss.

I have managed to get out on my bike most days this week, I have also carried on with watching what I eat and I have managed to lose a kilo in weight, not much I know but every last pound is important!

One bike ride stands out to me this week Why? this was the the longest ride I have done to date and also the most entertaining, me and the family decided to brighten up our bikes and ride the Light. In September the Famous Blackpool Illuminations get switched on but before that happens they use us cyclist as guinea pigs to test the lights. They close the promenade off to motorists for a few hours so that cyclist can ride up and down the lights and get a first glimpse of them. Here are some pictures and video footage of our evening! The video footage is really short I found it difficult negotiating the masses and having a camera in my hand!

Also this week I got roped into staging a games night for the kids, we played the adventure Dungeons and dragons , which is great but they really do gang up on me!

So I decided to get them back lol I may regret this but what the hell! So for now thanks for reading and come back soon!


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