Week Forty Six

I have just realized that I have only Six weeks to go before I turn 42 and the blogs name will have to change, this means I will have to start looking back on my 41st year and see what I have been up to! In the meantime I don’t know about you lot but I am missing the Olympics, there is absolutely nothing on TV , which as made me catch up on long overdue housework ;).

Weren’t Team GB amazing! I was specially proud of the Cycling team and this has inspired me so much that I am now in training for the Manchester to Blackpool cycle ride next year, I am using an application for the iphone called Strava to help me train and I will be be spinning three times a week when the weather wont let me cycle outdoors, if you want to track my progress you can follow it on my Strava page HERE. I have yet to decide on whom I am going to raise money for but will let you all know nearer the time.

This week me and the daughter went to see Ted and what a funny film it turned out to be , defiantly not one for children even if it has a teddy in it , gut wrenchingly  funny and extremely rude and politically incorrect , we need more of these movies 😀 DO NOT let your kids watch with you very rude but funny!

Not much else has happened again other than Blackpool starting off their Championship campaign with a 2-0 win against Millwall Whoop Pool!

Also while I was on the way back from picking the Daughter up from Cleveleys last night I couldn’t help but notice the absolutely stunning sunset happening , so I had to get a few shots of it!

After tons and tons and tons of rain don’t believe me this was our front street on Wednesday last week!

I now own a dingy with oars just in case LOL.

Back to the sunset , so because of all the wet stuff we haven’t seen a sunset in quite a while and this was a beauty, can you see the Lakes fells in the background , now I am a bit pissed I didn’t book the lakes for Bank Hols but Wales is just as stunning!

And finally me and the daughter went shopping , (not nail Polish I promise 😉 Haha) and while sat eating a late lunch I got to thinking how lucky I am to live where I do, I know people often have bad things to say about Blackpool but it has the same amount of idiots as any other town , i don’t think i would have liked to have eaten my lunch with any other views after a long week at work!

Just wish they would hurry up and Finnish it!

Just beautiful!

Tomorrow is Monday but just think in two more sleeps it will be half way through the working week and just another two more it will be Friday and time for a Wonderful Bank Holiday! TTFN


3 comments on “Week Forty Six

  1. SOme amazing pics here Jo, those sunsets are stunning, and never mind what other people say about Blackpool, it looks great. I’ll be up soon!! Hold off the rain though. 😉

    Liehg is on Strava too and he said it really does help motivate. Good luck! x

  2. Thanks Esther, and there is room at our house save you some pennies 😉 It’s not kids that do that to me its the bloody dog! Strava is great if I don’t feel like going out I think better had as people may be watching!

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