Week Forty Four and Forty Five

Last week me and mine went to London to visit the Queen! Well actually we went camping in Essex, the reason for this was to go and see a show, meetup with a friend and go and watch some of the Olympics. We had a fabulous time,I have ordered me some new feet from all the walking that I have done.

First off the campsite , it was a lovely quiet site, it was large with it being a club site but all the same quiet, there were a few of the game makers camped up there as its only a 20 min commute into Stratford and London. It is located in Kelvedon Hatch which is famous for its large Nuclear bunker! The weather on the whole was great nice and warm but on occasions it did rain but not that drizzle stuff the full on downpour, I have video evidence off what it is like to be in a tent in a storm!

London was fabulous as ever, the transport wasn’t to bad at least this time we had our own personal space on the tube, for those of you who have been before you know what i mean! Anyways we did the usual sightseeing duties here are few pics of it.

A word of warning if you ever go to London and haven’t been before , it is expensive eating out, we went for a chippy before we went to see Rock of Ages and ending up spending nearly £50 , when did we start putting prices on eating outside I didn’t think we were European yet!

Everytime we travelled into London we passed through Stratford this is where the Olympic Stadium is , here is a bit of footage from the train. And a few pics of the Stadium from Westfield Shopping center.

Whist down here we couldn’t miss opportunity to visit Thorpe Park , I think I am not alone in saying we shouldn’t have bothered, really Five extreme rides and a couple of water rides and 2-3 hour waiting times and £5 for a fast track per ride but that saying whist there we made the most of it and the rides we did get on were great! here’s some pics!

We went to the West End to see a show called Rock of Ages starring Justin Lee Collins and Shane Ward, if you were a teenager in the 80’s and love rock you will love this show, it was so much better than the film and that was good!

Whilst down south I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of meeting up with fellow Nail Blogger and Twitterer Esther, she showed us around different parts of London and man did we shop , I should have pre warned her I maybe not be the best person to shop nail polish with if you’re not wanting to buy! sorry! Esther took me and Evie to Brixton , this place is fab for polish shopping I bought a few LA colors from here and some Nicole by OPI, then we went Westfield at Sheppard’s bush I love this Mall wish we had one here too (maybe not). Here we saw the Models Own shop bottle! Next time we will grab drinks instead I promise ;D I just wish we had some of the shops up here or on hind sight it’s maybe a good job we don’t . Thanks again Esther it was lovely to meet you 😀

The main reason for coming to London was of course to see some of the Olympics, we decided to go and watch the Race Walkers at the Mall just across from Buckingham Palace and man they are funny to watch here is some footage and pics from our afternoon and the crows were amazing.

What did I say they were quite funny weren’t they I bet you smiled!
Anyways a trip to London couldn’t be complete without a trip to The Hard Rock cafe, it is a bit pricey but well worth it her I had a cocktail called Pinkled Tink! I am a bit worried as I haven’t seen Tink in a while and I’m hoping no tink were harmed whist making this but it was yummy!

Heres the Pickled Tink!

That’s it for this week and last week ! thanks for reading hope to see you back soon!


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