Week Forty Three

Not a lot to report this week as i have done my fair share of overtime in work, all week I have been saying think of the money! Now the week is over I am having a well deserved Bum weekend , which means I will be spending it trying to do absolutely nothing. The reason for this is that on Wednesday of next week me and mine will be going on holiday , yep again this time we are away for a week camping in the beautiful Essex countryside, near Brentwood Essex, if the name is familiar it is where the God awful series TOWIE is filmed apparently! The reason for this camping trip is to soak in the atmosphere of the London Olympics, as this will be the last time in my lifetime or even my children’s lifetime and its a great excuse to catch a West end musical Rock of Ages! and we are theme park nuts so we will be visiting Thorpe Park for the day too, I will also be meeting up with a friend I have been chatting to for a while on Twitter Esther, she is going to show me some good polish shops hopefully.

As I mentioned you can’t but help to notice something huge is happening in the UK at the moment, if your asking what! where the hell have you been!

Hailed as the greatest show on earth! And if the opening ceremony is a sign of things to come it’s gonna be a good one.  I loved everything about it , I must admit I was a bit worried when the opening sequence showed green fields and farming then the Brunell piece but when the chimneys started to emerge from the ground, the whole ceremony came alive for me. The Olympic rings being forged during out industrial age were genius , the NHS sequence was just brilliant , show casing a British institution that is on its knees and pushing it down the throats of the people who can save it ,showing how much it means to a nation! The digital sequence I enjoyed the most , as a Brit who loves all kinds of music , it amazes me still that we produce and have produced some of the most iconic music in the world and I for a moment felt proud to be British. My Favourite part though of the whole night has to be the appearance of one of our most talented comedians, although my favourite character of his is Black adder, Mr Bean was a great choiceto showcase, here is a reminder of his perfect performance!

Anyway the opening ceremony was fantastic but the real reason we have it is to showcase the wanna be Olympians and what a colourful bunch they were and I loved Team GB parade suits, a lot more casual than I was expecting but I loved them all the same . So on behalf of my self and my family I hope the Games are a great success and that Team GB manage to win a few medals on home turf!

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