Week Forty Two

As promised this week was a bit more eventful it started off with me being invited to my Friends Granddaughter Dance show, what a great night, the little lady in question loved it too! Here are some pics of her and the family!

This weekend we decided  more to the point I decided to take the tent out and give it an airing before our camping trip to London for the Olympics, but instead of pitching it on our local green I decided to take myself and the boy and the pooch to Delamere Forest and my Friend Nikkie and her son Nathaniel came too and this was their first ever camp!

The lake was smack bang in the middle of  the forest and it was rife wit midges and Horseflies and now my legs are all lumpy!

The photo of Euan on the water made me laugh , Jesus my ass muhahahhaha

The weather was absolutely glorious and I am hoping that our week away is just as nice! Now onto the kids pics!

Here are a selection of pics that Euan took!

And the ones that Nathaniel Took!

And to end a fantastic weekend off me and the kids went to see the last installment of the Batman series and my I wasn’t disappointed, OK maybe a tiny bit but not because of the film that was awesome the fact that there will be no more, here is a clip if you haven’t seen it already!


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