Week Thirty Eight

This week has been a busy week at work again another 6 days in! The only good things about this is that I get more pennies to spend at the weekend and the weather is bloody awful, a months rain fell in 48 hours and the winds were extremely strong!  Also this week England managed to play themselves out of the group stage and top at that, well done boys ! Now just the Italians to overcome! Just three little words!

Unless you have just arrived in the UK you will be aware that there is a torch making it’s way around the UK, well this Friday so Blackpool’s turn to host the running and festivities but unfortunately the weather spoiled it a bit but all was not lost as the local newspaper here put it!

Ok so because the weather here is totally crappy I took very few pics from this week but a week ago me and Evie took Bella on a photo shoot to the beach at Cleveleys with a couple of friends so enjoy the pics peeps!

The stretch of beach we walked on was so muddy check Bella out she’s a mucky pup! Our flipflop kept sinking so we attached them too her lead.

As you can see Bella loves water in any form, she loves to chase ducks in the lake at Stanley park, run through puddles when it’s rained and jump the waves at the beach!

I dragged Evie around Blackpool this Saturday looking for some patriotic gear for my camping trip to London this summer! Here are some picks of what I picked up

First up I got me some bracelets and rings not very patriotic but keeping with the British mix as English Rose just need a top to go with these, also got me some red white and blue bracelets I love these and also I couldn’t resist this nail polish set!

I can’t wait to try some designs with these polishes , I may be being Patriotic for a while this summer!

I can’t wait to wear the scarves especially the stars and stripes one maybe 4th July watch this space! Thought I may try this bun too although I do envision disasters, and this hair mist smell gorge!

Like I said before the weather is awful at the moment and then it hit me  Wimbledon starts Monday go figure! Our only hope of British success lies with a Scottish boy , although Nadal is my personal favourite, so hope you enjoy the rest of the football tournament whatever becomes of England tonight and the tennis next week I know I will, and I will leave you with my favourite bit from  the Hackney 2012 last night of course it’s Jay Z

You can still watch my 366 challenge at my flickr page and see what I have been taking pics of!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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