Week Thirty One

Well all! What an up and down week, thats without going to the funfair, It started of really good , but ended very sadly! OK where to start, as you know last week was my friends Granddaughters birthday, so me and Evie decided to kidnap her for the day and took her to the Disney Store, this is mine and Evie’s favorite place ,I know I know sad but I love me some Disney magic better than real world shite any day! They were fabulous , I bought her a Belle dress , great choice this is my favourite Disney movie and then the Disney Crew had her name put on the big screen with Mickey Mouse she was more than thrilled with this, look at that grin!

The little munchkin stayed over Sunday Night too and decided she wanted to take a couple of pics for my blog, the two that aren’t her , she took , her only direction was pull a silly face so we obliged lol đŸ˜€

We all went to see the avengers this week and WOW what an excellent film , if you like superhero movies you are gonna love this trust me!

Favourite Quote:

Thor: He’s my brother
Natasha Romanoff: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: …He’s adopted

And here is a Shout Out to Blackpool FC Come on Boys you can do it, one more game then we are off to Wembley for the play off finals, we know you can do it! Sea sea seasiders!

And on a very sad note, our family cat died today , he would have been 18 years old this September which is a grand age for a Cat, so hope he is chasing his tail and those mice in cat heaven RIP Simba! you will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

and here is his song after all he was named after this famous Lion Cub!

And finally here are my next six 366 challenge pics!


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