Week Thirty

WOW we are on week Thirty all ready , three weeks and I going on holiday , where is this year going, it feels like every time I go to sleep another month has passed me by! May is going to zoom by without too much help from me! So what happened this week, not a lot again , I am still keeping up with the spinning classes , the first one is great , the second one is tough and third one I just want to swear at but nothing worth doing comes easy , so they say!  They also say this month was the wettest on record, today it has done nothing but , it’s bouncing of the pavements , so needless to say most of my 366 challenge has been indoors not to worry as long as we get a half decent summer the rain is worth it!

First up I want to wish Miss Lexy-Megan Brown Happy 4th Birthday, this little one is my friends Grandaughter but is like family she actually turns 4 this week but by next Sunday it will be old news. She is a star, apart from our shared love of all things Disney, at the tender age of 4 she also has a love for nail polish, fantastic I say! but she is not a typical 4 year old girl as rather than liking pinks and pastel shades she prefers her bold colours, take for instance the dress in the picture , I chose a lovely pink to match the belt , I know Lexi would have preferred the navy blue lol, she is ace 😀

Here is a little montage of Miss Lexi-Megan Brown for your viewing pleasure!

This Saturday I thought I was going to the grand opening of my brother Pub The Traveling Hamster (Pub Shed!), when we arrived all was quiet on the western front , it turns out I had arrived 4 weeks too early PMSL sorry I am always either late or extremely early ,oh well I got to have a sneaky peek!, my brother and sister in law have great imaginations and are great artists not the drinking kind either, I can’t wait for summer here! so I have a little montage of pics for you!

My brother is also a talented sculpture , he can make things out of anything including the rolls inside till receipts which he can turn into props for Dungeons and dragons games , here is another set of pics of some of his wares, he sells most of these things on ebay!

They also have a talented dog , I like to call him KangaDog, I bet he could leap tall buildings! Meet Milo the Jumping dog!

The last photograph made me and my brother laugh so hard , it looks like Milo has splatted against the wall. No animals or human were hurt during the photography session!

Lastly my brother has a very eclectic garden, I love things that aren’t meant to be there, this garden is full of them , my favorite is the Pond with the acer tree behind it , below are some pics , nearly done with the pics now phew I here you say!

And finally here are my pics from the 366 challenge which of course you can view in full detail on my flickr page , link is too the right!

Have a great week and thanks for reading!


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