Week Twenty Nine

First of l need to say!

Get In there Pool!


Well done lads awesome win over Burnley just one more game then we have another chance at the play offs then maybe the Premier League, I am so proud to be a seasider today!

Okay now I have exactly 5 weeks before I go on holiday! I am in a dilemma as whether to buy the size in clothes that I am then sell them on when I  get back, or to buy the size below me and risk losing the extra bit of weight that I need to shift! I really don’t know what to do, I may just go for a try on and if the size below is nearly fitting , say If I can fit into them but they are a tad tight, then maybe I will buy!

So as you may have guessed this week has been a really boring week to document as all I have done is Work, eat ,gym,sleep in that order , so here are a couple of pics of the animals!

I think Bella had spotted Ali climbing on the fence !

I had my eyes tested last week and needed my glasses changing , as my reading glasses need to be stronger , so here is the pic I promised of my new glasses!

This weekend so giants walking around Liverpool, unfortunately I was unable to go because of the car, which by the way is ok now, anyways the Giants were in aid of the commemorating the sinking of the Titanic which have been held worldwide for it’s 100 year!

The spectacle was called  Sea Odyssey and was about a little girl trying to find her uncle who had a letter from her father who died when the  Titanic sank, the Giants walked around Liverpool over three days , it looked extraordinary seeing these puppets making the cities landmarks look small, below are some pics and some video footage  from the weekend!

Photo’s courtesy of BBC

Sorry I have nothing more for you all, maybe next week may bring more news!

This one is because I can yummy , he was so funny on Graham Norton last week!

Lastly here are my next few Photographs from my 366 Challenge!

Thanks for Reading and Have a great week!


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