Week Twenty Seven

First of all I would like to wish you all a Happy easter, whether you celebrate the real reason behind the holidays or just the chocolate version, I hope you all have a great time!

What a week, had a week off work, didn’t go away anywhere, didn’t sit back and relax, I decided to take on the monumental job of decorating the kitchen OMG next time I may have to pay someone to do it, I am now minus 10 finger nails 😦 and i have cuts and bruises all over me , I know I was just decorating the kitchen!

I forgot to take some before shots but as I hadn’t decorated in just under 10 years the ceiling was really dirty (smoke fumes explain in a bit), The walls were a dusty yellow (should have been bright sunshine yellow) and the woodwork and metal work a beige colour , so got the picture blah!

So here I present to you my brand new Bright and clean kitchen!

Before the photographs of the kitchen I said I would explain why the kitchen ceiling had smoke stains on it!, no we didn’t have a fire but exactly one year ago this week , I won my battle against the cancer sticks yeah i joined the league of Non Smokers! So hence the smoke stained ceiling.


Nothing else really happened this week as previously stated, oh I did manage to harvest 10 baby Aloe Vera’s of the mummy plant and sow my first batch of seeds this year,

And here are  some of pics of my animals, Bella, Ali and Boo.

And as usual here are pics for my 366 challenge, I am nearly at 100 pics now only 266 more to go! If you want to know the story behind the pic click on my flickr link.

Thanks for reading and Have a great day!


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