Week Twenty Six

I haven’t got anything to report this week other than I have ill so I have done less than normal, so instead of loads of pictures I am just going to chat her for a bit!

Oh no I here you scream but before you click on another link, today is the day when pranksters are on the prowl and plenty of Fools are made, so i searched the web this morning to find the cream of the crop , I will put a link to the actual article but as they are Aprils fools Jokes they might not be around for ever!

Virgin Volcanic

Sir Richard Branson has launched Virgin Volcanic, on 1 April no less, promising to let people got to the center of the earth and back via their nearest volcano.

“Only 500 people have been to space, only three people have been to the bottom of the ocean, but no one has ever attempted to journey to the core of an active volcano. Until now,”

Bringing self-driving cars to NASCAR

Ever since mankind could go fast, we have longed to go faster. And ever since we’ve done work, we have longed to have someone else, or something else, do that work for us. You might already be familiar with our self driving project

Flickr Your photos, re-envisioned!

We’ve been working around the clock on our bold new design, destined to become the default view for all photos on Flickr – and we can’t wait to show it to you today!  Your photos will be re-envisioned in a glorious black and white Atkinson Dither, removing the distraction of those many many megapixels and stripping your art back to its most original, naked, beautiful form. The new page design has been updated to match the new vintage aesthetic.

Hungry Hippo iPad set

The original Hunger Game returns.

  • Use your iPad as a board and munch with the capacitive-padded heads!
  • Free app download from the Apple store!
  • Just like when you were a kid, only iPad-ier!

If you don’t believe it try buying it lol

Google Maps 8-Bit edition

Here is the link to go and have a look see I think it looks kinda cool lol GOOGLE MAPS

Ikea Product Recall

Meanwhile, Ikea has recalled its left handed allen keys


Adblocker replacing all web ads with pictures of cats

BMW running coach

BMW have a long history of running a BMW April Fools advert and April Fools Day 2012 is no exception with ads running in today’s UK broadsheet newspapers under the headline ‘turn your car into a coach’:

BMW state: ‘As an official sponsor of London 2012, BMW has been inspired to develop a new technology helping customers to boost their fitness in the run up to the Games. The new driverless Running Coach feature uses a combination of Connected Drive technologies and surround view cameras to enable the car to follow the runner, at a safe distance, while pounding the pavement. To help with motivation, integrated exterior speakers play encouraging words while the Lock Out Logistics feature makes sure that any distance set is completed without cheating.

Hope you got through the morning without any pranks played on you I did! I anyone tries now they are the fool 🙂

Here are a couple of fool related songs for you.

Last but not least a montage of my 366 challenge, if you want to know the stories behind the pics click on my flickr.

Thanks for reading and Have a great week!


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