Week Twenty Four

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummies in the UK, I hope you have all had some lovely cards and presents off the kids if not get rid of them and get some new ones!

I was lucky enough to receive flowers and have my brother over to cook me and my mum dinner and it was yummy Thanks John 🙂

Here is my brother making some yorkie puds!

Here is the beef joint it was huge and yummy

I have some pics of our trip out yesterday to Elswick for some ice cream , it was a lovely day and the ice cream was yummy too! The picture below is a view looking out towards Beacon Fell and of course the sky was awesome look at them clouds!

We saw this awesome trike parked up outside bonds fab stuff attached to it!

It ‘s great having a car as when we had finished with the ice creams , we were going home or at least that is what the boys thought , not a lot they can do when they are in the car other than come along for the ride LMAO, anyways I wanted to go and have a look at Myrescough college near billsborrow it has a garden center called Plant world check the pics out below , we were there nearly 2 hours loved it even the boys enjoyed it!

Here is a bigger pic of the beastie that caught my eye!

I also received my Limited edition Glossybox from Harrods , wasn’t overly impressed with it but the lipstick is awesome and the perfume smells gorgeous!

Thats it for this week folks and last but not least here is a montage of this weeks 366 challenge enjoy! If you want to get the story behind the pics click on my flickr on the right!

Thanks for reading and see ya all next week !


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