Week Twenty Three

Another slow week this week had a few hours overtime and it always seems to upset my week! I don’t do anything for it to do so but all the same the week goes by faster. Anyway this week have had my hair dyed, yes the grey has gone, alas I have no photo’s for you lol. moving on, Spinning was great again this week I am really starting to enjoy it more , I might even try for two nights a week , we will see.

As I was saying this week I had my hair dyed , or actually the grey and white in my hair were disguised by the talented Sammy-Jo, and in return I painted her nails and her daughters, of which i have photo’s.

Lexi's nails painted Shocking Pink with a glitter topcoat!

Before I went round I asked what colours they would like , they asked for Nicki Minaj OPI Pink Friday and maybe stamp over with Barry M Shocking Pink, which Sammy Jo had on her nails but Lexi demanded she have the Shocking Pink, this little girl is definatley not a sugar and and spice child lol, she has such a fabulous personality,She is so entertaining! She even insisted on modeling the polish bottle like I do on my Nail blog!

How Cute!!!!!

My brother came over this Saturday and we decided to go down to the beach with the dog and boy and let them run off some steam! the dog did the boy just watched , here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Looking down to the Pleasure Beach, Can you see the Big One? it was running!

The Brother and the Pooch!

The Birds I can tell you I was getting a bit nervous here!

The Pooch and the Croc! or that is what my brother said the rock looked like , Can you see it?

Arghh whats this how did this get on here quick run!!!!!! Oh it' OK it's only the boy lol!

This is one of the works of art that are strewn along the prom, work art erm not too sure about that!

The Boy and Pooch Montage!!

And my friend and fellow photographer Jan, taught me another neat trick the other day via youtube , I will embed it for you, , I always wanted to do a panoramic pic and yesterday I managed it Yeah! and I am that pleased with it I will be defiantly doing some more!

Panoramic of the beach at Stargate Blackpool, you can see the new Tram sheds on the left!

Here is the Video Jan did hope it helps you as much as it did me thanks Bud! And for those who don’t know I work in the Post office just in middle of this pic!

Here are the next pics for my 366 Challenge and that is all people for this week Hope you have a great week!


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