Week Twenty One

Been a busy week this week, the gym is getting slightly easier, Took the daughter back to Uni, picked the boy up from brothers, only had a 3 day working week , been to a farm and seen a birth , watched my first ever Ice hockey match!

So as I said before the gym is getting slightly easier , in as  much that I am not kicking and screaming to not go lol, I have lost 5lbs not bad but still not enough, I have stopped eating after 6pm makes me sound like some kind of gremlin doesn’t eat bloody nightmare but I will get into  my summer clothes for my holiday!

This weekend I decided to go to a farm, as I’d done enough exercise and as getting around the farm equals walking which is exercise I didn’t feel guilty about not going on a 15 mile hike! and I am so glad I did go ,check out the pics below and for those that are a bit squeamish then shut your eyes cause I got a good pic of a lamb being born!

The farm was Cobble Hey Farm nr Garstang click here to go to website.

Here are a couple of montages of the day, had a fab time!

Later on I went to my first ever Ice-Hockey game it was a charity match between the Blackpool Seagulls and The UK Fire fighters, it was a great match very exciting, even though the Seagulls lost I enjoyed it. Looking forward to watching them again. Here are a few pics but they aren’t that good as I was on the ground level, which meant the net was in front of me but I got a couple of goodish shots.

And again below are my next six pics for the 366 challenge if you want to see the story behind the pics look at my flickr page link on the right!

Have a Great Week Peeps!


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