Week Twenty

Gosh what a week, the daughter is home on half term the boy off too (hair pulling time) and I had loads of overtime , which in hind sight was fabulous as I had little time at home LOL.

This week I have been to the cinema, watched the headless lady at a side show and recieved an epic amount of nail polish from State side!

First up the daughter wanted to have a look in town and I needed to pick up a few things, when we saw a very strange family , they had over-sized shoes, heads coats and baskets No I’m not being rude, Showzam is in town, I here you say what is Showzam , well it’s when entertainers ,magicians , musicians and comedians come to town and show us what they are made of. This year at the Winter Gardens they had the sideshows, you know like the ones they had a longtime ago with the like of the bearded lady and all! well this one had similar things, the Monster show was funny and I was scratching my head at the headless lady! Here are a few pics!

Next up, Me and the daughter had a girly night and we took some picks for you all to have a laugh at! My lovely daughter said I reminded her of the poop monster from Dogma !

We went to the pictures to see the muppets this week and it took me right back to my childhood beleive me it was a long long time ago , so here is a trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

And finally when we went out last weekI saw these on a girl in the toilets and asked if I could take a pic of them , if you see any on sale anywhere let me know!

And definatley last but not least here are my next six photographs from my challenge! If you want to know the stories behind them check out my flickr on the right !

Have a great week!


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