Week Nineteen

A week where temperatures dropped below -8,  Blackpool Football Club got through to the 5th round in the FA Cup,  Whitney Houston died, my Valentines day glossybox arrived and We took my friends granddaughter ice-skating for the first time ever.

I haven’t tried anything from the box this month,  at first glance I am quite happy with what I received, although when I look at what other people have received , I am disappointed I didn’t get the nail polish as that is what I stipulated on my beauty profile will give next month a try before I decide what to do at a later date.

This weekend was going to be a lazy one I was going to swatch some nail polishes for my nail blog and maybe watch me some Game of Thrones and read me some books, but I ended up taking Evie, Robyn and Lexi Ice-Skating, I was going to stand around and spectate and be annoying and take loads of photographs which I did indeed do! but little Lexi had other plans, bless her she was absolutely petrified of the ice , she went on for about a Milli second and no more, so here are a couple of photographs!

Sub Zero @ Cleveley’s

To cheer Lexi up we went on to the beach here are some more photographs.

And here are my next six pics from my 366 challenge , remember if you want to know the story behind the pics click on my flickr link at the side!

This week Whitney Houston died so here is one of my favourite songs from the eighties by her !


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