Week Eighteen

This week is going to be a short blog, I have a hangover from hell today, so I am posting pictures from the Night out that caused the Hangover.

The Night out was for Sandra who is now in 5 years remittance from Breast Cancer, so all the girls went out to celebrate we did!

Sandra and Lorraine

 Top: The Pink Ladies, Bottom Left: Nicola & Sandra, Bottom Right: Sammy-Jo,Trina,Adele.

Top: Sammy-Jo, Alison, Chrissy. Bottom: Me, Chrissy, Alison, Sammy-Jo.

Top Left: Chrissy & Sammy-Jo. Top Right: Lorraine, Me, Alison. Bottom Left: Sammy- Jo, Trina, Adele. Bottom Right: Me, Alison.

Top Left: Me & Alison. Top Right: Lorraine & Alison. Bottom Left: Adele & Trina. Bottom Right: Wendy, Andrienne, Sandra, Sammy-Jo.

Top Left: Andrienne, Sandra, Trina. Top Right: Trina, Sammy-Jo, Adele. Middle Left: Me & Trina. Middle Right: Trina, Alison,Nicola.

Bottom Left: Trina, Alison,Lorraine. Bottom Right: Trina, Lorraine, Alison, Me.

Click on the link below there are some more pictures from last night just hover over the ones that are stacked on top of each other to view them !


Here are the next five photographs in my 366 Challenge , if you want to know the story behind the pic check my flickr account out link is on the right!


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