Week Sixteen

The week started out painful and ended painful but hopeful the pain will be worth it!

Monday was the day my major dental work started, I had two teeth at the front of my mouth removed and a sticky bridge put in to fill the gap, already there is a huge difference, so let the smiling commence, I have still got some work to be done but at least the worst is over! I may put a pic up of my smile in future posts we will have to see.

On Thursday I went for my Induction at the Gym, I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in nearly twenty plus years but seeing as I have managed to put two stone on since I quit smoking, I figuered it was time for it come off, but I bet it doesn’;t come off as fast, anyway I thought I did well, broke out in a seweat a few times not from the exercise bby trying to work the machines WOW things have changed.

I am a bit sore but enjoyed it and I decided to go again today which was great as it loosened my muscles up!

Went on a mini walk yesturday took the pooch around herons reach but as it’s like a bog at the moment , we oly got as far as the Zoo so decided to take a detour through Woodland Gardens, it is a lovely hidden gem and great place for me to get some photographs so again for your viewing pleasure some shots of mine and the pooches walk.

This was how the sky looked before our walk the rainbow was whole but I coulnd’t get it all on my shot!

What my Pooch won’t do for a stick!

It was freezing and she kept jumping in and out like it was a hot sunny day!

In better weather I cycle through here and the first time I saw this I fell of my bike scared the poop out of me!

Quirky things are scattered about the place

I think this is a toadstool but seems to have rotted a bit!

Nice snowdrops they were everywhere along with a few early daffies!

And below is the next six photographs for my challenge of a picture a day through 2012.

If you want to know the story behind the photo’s click on my Flickr


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