Week Fifty Two

Well it is finally here , hang on a moment let me rephrase that here we are full circle and it came around so quickly, tomorrow will be my 42 Birthday and the end of the blog!

This year I have been quite busy , as some of you may know , I started a blog called Northern Nails about the same time as I started this one, it is about my nail polish collection which is ever growing and my attempts of nail art , which I think over the year has improved I will let you decide with these pictures!

This year I have been on a health Kick , as last year I quit smoking and over the course of a few months I swelled somewhat, so with the help of the gym and my bike rides this is slowly shedding, which for me being a computer geek is an achievement. I hoping to step it up a gear next year as my wish is to drop a couple of dress sizes for the summer.

I have been very fortunate this year as I have had a couple of fabulous holidays, One to Ibiza and one to London, both were great in there own way, Ibiza was just what the doctor ordered , Sun , Sea and sand and plenty of all of it, it was super hot  and I was relaxed and recharged when we got home. The second holiday me and the family went to London, not to see the Queen but to hopefully soak up the atmosphere of the Greatest games on Earth which are the Olympics and just our luck they were held in London this year , This was a stark contrast from Ibiza, as it was lousy weather and we rushed around everywhere so not to miss anything. But I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, we were fortunate enough to catch a few of the events and the atmosphere was electric.

This year has also been a sad year at times , as we lost a few people that were near and dear to us , I hope overtime that the healing process starts and my friends and family will remember the good times they shared with these beautiful souls.

I too lost a beloved member of our family , Our Simba, whom was loving and faithful friend to the end , bet he is causing mayhem up there!

I have embarked on a challenge this year too, the 366 challenge, this is where you have to take a photo everyday for a year , thankfully I am still partaking in this challenge , even if though the pics are somewhat crap! You can follow my progress here .

So it is with a Happy heart that I say goodbye to all of you that have followed my journey in my Forty First year and here’s hoping to an even better Year 42 but alas only my friends and family will know what is afoot , Thankyou again for joining me along the way!


Week Seventeen

I have had a very uneventful week this week, I have worked too many hours been to the gym again and failed to lose any weight ,must try harder and worked too many hours…… did I say that already! anyways last Sunday I went for a walk along the promenade in Blackpool and came across this wonderful piece of art 

I was surprised at how big this was , and you can even read some of the jokes, sayings catchphrases from the top of the tower! So here are a few snaps from the Comedy Carpet.

Braver than me walking on that

view of the carpet looking towards North Pier

Do you remember this programme?

Very Funny!

loved this!

Could have spent longer here going to have to go again soon

Below is another weeks worth of pictures from my 366 challenge , WOW it’s getting harder to think of things to shoot!

Week Sixteen

The week started out painful and ended painful but hopeful the pain will be worth it!

Monday was the day my major dental work started, I had two teeth at the front of my mouth removed and a sticky bridge put in to fill the gap, already there is a huge difference, so let the smiling commence, I have still got some work to be done but at least the worst is over! I may put a pic up of my smile in future posts we will have to see.

On Thursday I went for my Induction at the Gym, I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in nearly twenty plus years but seeing as I have managed to put two stone on since I quit smoking, I figuered it was time for it come off, but I bet it doesn’;t come off as fast, anyway I thought I did well, broke out in a seweat a few times not from the exercise bby trying to work the machines WOW things have changed.

I am a bit sore but enjoyed it and I decided to go again today which was great as it loosened my muscles up!

Went on a mini walk yesturday took the pooch around herons reach but as it’s like a bog at the moment , we oly got as far as the Zoo so decided to take a detour through Woodland Gardens, it is a lovely hidden gem and great place for me to get some photographs so again for your viewing pleasure some shots of mine and the pooches walk.

This was how the sky looked before our walk the rainbow was whole but I coulnd’t get it all on my shot!

What my Pooch won’t do for a stick!

It was freezing and she kept jumping in and out like it was a hot sunny day!

In better weather I cycle through here and the first time I saw this I fell of my bike scared the poop out of me!

Quirky things are scattered about the place

I think this is a toadstool but seems to have rotted a bit!

Nice snowdrops they were everywhere along with a few early daffies!

And below is the next six photographs for my challenge of a picture a day through 2012.

If you want to know the story behind the photo’s click on my Flickr

Week Fifteen

End of the second week of January, going to have to put the brakes on, or it is going to be the second week of June.

The weather has gotten much colder over the last couple of days, but this means that the sun is shining the sky is blue, and walking can commence, It just isn’t any fun walking in rain!

I saw an article on the web about walking in the Lune Valley, which is about a 45 minute drive from me, when I came across a peculiar photograph of trees upside down I had to go and see for myself, the walk itself follows the river lune and can be started at Lancaster or Caton, you walk along what use to be a railway line but be aware it is favourite for cycles and they do like to speed, so we had to keep our eye on Bella as she is quite partial to tyre. I have included a few photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Aqueduct near Halton Lancaster

Start of the walk !

Crook O'Lune

The Boy and Pooch WALKIES!

The Upside down trees and the sleeping trees

There were quirky things like these all the way along this walk

The boy thinks he can walk on water

This bridge holds a piece of the M6 and I love the lights!

Below is a montage of photographs I took for my 366 challenge this week, click on my flicker at the side for the reason behind the photographs, I have a busy week of happenings this coming week so I will hopefully have plenty to tell you so TTFN’

Week 2 of the 366 Challenge!

Week Fourteen

WOW the first week in the new year is nearly over, how did that happen?

I spent most of this week cleaning up after the festivities, decorations down, freezing leftovers, eating leftovers, getting uniforms ready and still getting over the cold and back to work, it’s all over too quick for me.

I received my December glossybox, this time it was red instead of pink which was a lovely touch and it had some lovely gifts in it check the photo below

1. RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel (£6.50/200ml)

2. NOUVEAU LASHES Noir Mascara (£14.99/8g)

3. DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped-To-Go Sachet (£16/polish; £14/x6 removers)
4. CARGO COSMETICS Classic Lip Gloss (£10/full size)
5. FIRST AID BEAUTY (FAB) Face Cleanser (£13/141g) this product is also sold at boots.
I haven’t tried any of theses products yet so I can’t comment on them but looking forward to trying the foam shower gel and the nail polish.
The 366 Photographs a day challenge
I also joined a group called the 366 day challenge, it is where you have to take a picture a day and post it on one of your social media platforms, I have done a special collection for you all but you can look at what inspired me to take the photograph at my flicker, which is on the right of this page! This would normally be the 365 challenge trust me to do it in a leap year!
And the other day I got bored and went a photographing session involving the little members of my family so here is a montage of my favourite ones of them.
Bella the dog, Ali the cat and Boo the cat!

Week Thirteen

As you are aware , that is if you read my last post I was very ill over the Christmas Period and I am on the road to recovery although very slowly!

I don’t generally go out on New Years eve mostly because there are to many idiots out at the

same time that drink far too much, and the other reason is that it is far too expensive the clubs charge treble for the privilege of drinking their alcohol which you pay an extortion for the entertainment to come to think about it is no different either except the DJ probably is as drunk as everyone else and you need at least a weeks wages to get a cab home! so yep I stay at home which usually entails me having everyones kids but you see I get the best bit of the deal, I here you say are you mad!

Nope as I see it they go to bed about 10ish and then I have a few drinks and see in the new Year with the TV and everyone in Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar square, but I am toasty warm, and have plenty of room to stretch my legs and not lets forget the lots of sloppy kisses. And the mums and dads of the kids have them back while they still have hangovers so all is well!

I can’t wait to start this New Year , a new hobby (polishes) and a new set of lungs since it will be seven months since I quit ,next it is time to drop the weight that I gained after I did it! I also have a holiday in Ibiza to look forward to and camping down south to catch the Olympics it’s going to be a great year!

Week Twelve

OK first let me  apologize for being a few days late on my post, on Christmas eve I came down with the Flu, yep bloody annoying I spent Christmas in my bed and had beechams and lemsips for my Christmas dinner,but after a bit of R&R I feel almost human again, now thats out of the way here is what I was going to post.

Last week was a busy one,last minute gift buying ang last minute food shopping, people are crazy the way they hoard food as if the world is going to end but I guess I am also guilty of this too as I am having trouble closing the freezer drawers but with the daughter being home and the mother visiting I am sure it will all go before the New Year!

As I mentioned my daughter is home for Christmas from University and look what she made us let me tell you it was yummy and is now all gone!

I think she may have to make another one before she goes back.

This week at work was also amusing as my boss and my friend and work colleague decided to dress up for christmas they amused us all and the customers, I may regret this but you have to see! They very good sports to let me get this picture but I have ordered a large copy from snap fish for the office LOL!

Here is one of my cats getting in on the festivities he was the only one of my boys who was up for the shoot even the little lady wouldn’t pose for us so here my Boo in my Bella’s coat how cute!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and get what you asked Santa for!

Here is a Christmas Kiss for you all!

Week Eleven

This time next week it will all be over , the hours spent buying presents then wrapping them, time spent queuing  to buy food then preparing and making it, in seconds the presents are open and in minutes the food is eaten, it is a good job that Christmas at least for me isn’t just about the day itself but everything leading up to it.

This week was our staff party, we had it at the Sheraton hotel,Blackpool, the food was lovely, the entertainment great and the company fantastic thanks to our very generous boss for footing the bill! But alas no pictures as not one of us took a camera , I am not too bothered as hate having my pic taken.

This weeks post is a bit thin so I have got some pictures of my animals showing the Christmas spirit.




And of course it isn’t Christmas until you have seen this advert on TV, by the way still haven’t seen it!

And a couple more shots of my boy and girl chilling after a full day wrapping presents!

Week Ten

This week I was frantically buying Christmas presents, and makeup and accessories for my staff night out, can’t wait it’s always a good night, I work with a bunch of lovely ladies and a most of the time a lovely boss,  joking he is one of the most generous people I know. It also saw the end of the S**T Factor Whoopie it was for me a really poor year for contestants the only half decent one was Amelia Lily, but hey it must amuse the vast majority of the UK as they got record number viewings!

I don’t have a lot to report this week but here are some pictures of my shopping haul for the Christmas do, I am wearing a mustard dress with gold and black trim so needed some accessories to match and a bag and some make up so here are the pictures.

The bag has  a black ruffle design with a gold clasp, the necklace is gold and has a peacock on it you can also put pictures inside it. I also got some gold and black bangles and some huge gold bangle earrings.

A close up of the necklace, you can only see the peacock in certain light so it was really hard to get a good picture of it.

And this is my makeup haul not too sure about the lipgloss but I am loving the gold pigment eyeshadow.

Here is what I have been listening too this week love it, but then again I think I love most of Rhianna’s tracks.

Also I was sent this clip I nearly chocked on my coffee LOL if it was my cat it would have been launched!

And last but not least here is a picture of a bird I caught on the roof across from us not sure what it is if anyone can post on my comments please!

Week nine

Okies this week I have found another nail polish I am all over, just love the effect it creates, It is also 3 weeks to Christmas and Lady Gaga released her new video which is absolutely fabulous.

This week I bought a new topcoat for my nails, oh no not another one I hear you say, well hell yes this one is awesome as it turns all polishes on my nails matte yes no sparkles its fab but here is a picture just to show you. This will get abused after Christmas a lot.

Well this weekend I put up my Christmas decs , I love this time of year, when you can shut the curtains pull the duvet over you and snuggle on the sofa and watch TV, and have lots of sparkly things scattered about the place, I really do like and with only 3 weeks to go until the big day I need to get cracking on with the present buying I have only bought one so far. Here are some pictures of my decorations this year. Do you think I love Disney too.

This week saw the release of Lady Gaga’s new video Marry the night, she sang the song on The X Factor last week ,so here is the Video hope you like as much as me!

Lastly here are a couple of pictures, these are Bella the dog and Ali the cat and you can see fromthe picture where Ali got his name from LOL

What ya looking at walk away just walk away!

I warned you dumb dog, I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Have a Great week People!

Week Eight

Just like to say 4 weeks today it will be Christmas day!!!!!!! Have you bought your presents yet? Have you written or posted any cards? the answer to these questions for me me is NO , i better get a wiggle on haven’t a clue what to buy people, I have been searching the Internet for inspiration but still have no ideas, why are men/boys harder to buy for than women/girls?

Anyways onto my week, quite an uneventful week really, spent most of it in work lots of overtime, I bought some more yes you guessed nail polishes, I also got two parcels one from Glossy box and one from America from a lovely girl called Amanda who has a nail lacquer business on Esty called Nerdlacquer,  a combination of my two favourite things Science fiction and Nail polish pure heaven. Check it out the polishes are fab trust me. Heres a pic of what I received and also someone hitched a ride with them, what a lovely touch.

I am going to swatch these later for my other blog Northern Nails they are very glittery.

Onto my next parcel, I received my November Glossy box this week, after reading everyones negative views I was a bit worried but I needn’t have been below is a review of what I received.

Leopard print Nail Wraps, Arbonne FC5 Hand creme, Monu Recovery balm, Dead Sea Salts, 2 Surge Lutens perfume samples.

These are Nail Rock Nail wraps , I probably wouldn’t go out and buy these as I like to paint my nails but I suppose that is the whole point of Glossybox, I received the Leopard print ones I will try these out on my nails and put a post up on my nail blog Northern Nails. These are meant to stay on your nails for 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on toes and won’t chip or stain the nail no drying time required.

Arbonne FC5 ultra hydrating hand creme, I can’t wait to use this, it smells yummy, it is meant to moisturize your hands leaving them smooth and refreshing.

This next item makes the box worth while on it’s own it retails at £16.95 full size and I got a full size one. It is meant to provide immediate relief to all skin types especially sensitive or stressed, I have very sensitive skin so i am intrigued by this statement watch out for another review after I have used it.

Dead Sea Spa Magik, dead sea salts, 2011 Beauty awards winner is a natural exfoliant that relieves dry skin, I will be using these as my pedicure routine as i am prone to dry skin on my toes, another review when I have tried them.

Last but not least

Suttens Lutens  : L’eau serge lutens and Vitriol d’Oeillet , I love getting perfume samples , i don’t go in to shops very often and the last thing I do is ask for samples and as most perfumes I smell make me sneeze it is great to be able to try them in my home, anyways saying that the Vitriol d’Oeillet was very strong too strong for me but the L’eau Serge Lutens was lovely and subtle both of theses scents are unisex.

Thats my week done time for a restful Sunday before another week of work and fun!

Week Seven

The week that saw ,a birthday,Films,nail polish blogging,and charity fun.

Spent a bit of money this week first up was a family get together for my brothers birthday, last year in his 30’s, We went to an American diner Buddies in Bispham it reminded me of a smaller version of Planet Hollywood the food was great, but I need to take my glasses next time, as I ended up ordering a platter for two my it was huge and needless to say I went home with a doggy bag. He is gonna kill me for this next photo but worth it he was cute once.

Happy Birthday John

Next up I decided to take the alien to the cinema to see Immortals but when we got there it was a 15,  really need to start reading with my glasses on, so we ended up going to see Johnny English Reborn, now this isn’t a film I would go and see at the cinema but I was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was, Sorry to the cleaners at Blackpool Odeon they had a bit of popcorn to clean up. Here is a preview for you if you haven’t seen it yet!

I decide this week to separate my Year 41 blog from my nail polish addiction, because it would over shadow what else I have been up to this year ,so if your interested in nail polish  I have a separate blog called Northern Nails and a page on my facebook and it is on twitter too, just click on the names to check them out or you could just add me. I did some extra special nails for children in need this week they can be seen at any of the previous  links.


*At last but very far from least the muchly anticipated film of the year, the penultimate episode in the Twilight series Breaking Dawn Part 1, Well first of all it was Fantastic, that being said I was disappointed that Jacobs story was cut, maybe they will do flashbacks in the final film, and the scene when Bella changes was far too short they could have elaborated  on the torment she endured while she was changing, not just Edward commenting on how still she was, but I will reserve my final judgment for  when it is all over for now I will just bask in what is a truly an enjoyable film.* Here is a trailer for those who haven’t seen it.

Another trailer

Week Six

Post Halloween blues, I hate the fact that it’s all over in one day maybe next year I will have an All Hallows week!  Anyways I needed something to cheer myself up so I went on a spending spree my nail polish collection had a bit of a boost, I bought China Glaze Ruby Pumps as I wanted a glitter red and my Avon polishes came too. I can’t wait to try the Ruby Pumps so I might have to have a new mani for work tomorrow they think I have gone mad with me changing my nails everyday or so.

From the left China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Avons Sateen,Viva Pink,Real Red,Twilight Blue and Midnight plum.

Next  my OPI Muppettes mini collection review.

Well what can I say I loved them all Lets start with my least favourite and the only reason for this was that it stained my nails, I must remember on my next spree to get some CND sticky. Anyways here is a picture of  Wocka Wocka with excuse moi over the top it, it went on lovely and was opaque in two coats, I forgot to get a picture of it on it’s own I will try and remember next time I wear it.

Wocka Wocka with excuse moi over the top

Next up is Designer………. the better this is a beautiful foil not quite pure silver as it has specks of brown in it, this teamed up well with Warm and fozzie which I wore on my ring finger they both went on like a dream and were opaque after two coats . Warm and Fozzie is a warm bronze flakey shimmer with a duochrome effect it is a gorgeous colour and perfect for autumn. Here are some pictures of them both.

Designer ...the better and Warm and Fozzie on the ring finger

Excuse my pinky it had a bad accident and decided to fall off and the picture was taken three days after application so showing some wear on the tip but I was impressed with the length of time they all lasted.

Designer .... the better

My camera had a fit with this polish.

Warm and Fozzie

Close up of Warm and Fozzie whats that a chip?

I couldn’t get a close up picture of Designer……the better as my camera kept going crazy!

Last in the collection is simply delicious sorry I love it , it applied like a dream just two coats for full opaque and it lasted a week it was also easy to take of with the foil trick anyway here are some pictures of this wonderful pink glitter. I think the glitters are every colour of the rainbow which are set in a pink jelly base.Ring finger is Wocka Wocka with excuse moi applied over it I think its a great match, what do you think?

Excuse Moi

Close up of Excuse Moi

Can you see all the different colours just a lovely polish.  This is a lovely collection of polishes and for £10 not a bad price they complement each other beautifully and I think I might be persuaded to buy them all at full size.  I am also going to buy a couple of the glitters from the collection but not made my mind up as of yet.

lemony Flutter

My last buy this week was from Lush I love this store if you haven’t heard of them check them, out here LUSH .I have been using Lush products for a year now thanks to my daughter, and I find them very unique and of a reasonable price,  after all the acetone and scrubbing of my hands and nails I decided I needed a good cuticle cream so I popped along to our local Lush and purchased this little gem I just wish the last picture had scratch and sniff it is lemon but smells like the sherbet lemons I use to buy as a kid the cream leaves your hands and cuticles very soft and smelling of lemons and leaves no sticky or greasy residue. Here is a picture of my naked nails smeared in it.


Week Five

A week full of Ghouls, witches and Ghosts and thats before the Halloween festivities, I also bought some more nail polish to add to my ever growing hoard.

Anyways I hope you all had a fantastic All Hallows Eve we in the Proctor house had a fabulous time below are a selection of photographs from the night

So there it is Halloween over for another year !

Also this week I have buying Nail polish again oh yes I managed to get the OPI Muppet’s collection miniatures in Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi!, designer ……the better and Warm and Fozzie. I bought the miniatures as I couldn’t decide on the ones I liked, so after a bit of research I found the miniatures on offer at Amazon which contained the ones I liked the best, then if I love any of them I guess I will buy them all if needs be. I also found in our local Superdrug a magnetize collection by fashionista they are the Saturdays collection, I bought Mollies and Una’s shades which are green and purple, unlike Nails Inc the magnet doesn’t come with the polish but at £3  and £6 for the polish I thought it was worth a try, I have yet to try these new  buys but will let you know what I think and show some pics when I do.

And last but not least my very first review and it is with China Glaze’s, It’s Alive Nail polish from the Halloween 2011 collection.

I love everything about this nail polish from the colour which is a rich olive green with plenty of sparkle,and the ease to which it applied to the nail  with only two applications to achieve an opaque look as seen in the pictures. I also use Rimmels super pro top coat to finish of my nails.

Excuse my nails having a bad nail week

The base is jelly with an olive green tone, the glitters are different shades of green maybe limes which shine when the light hits them and it makes for a gorgeous contrast in colours the pictures do not do this polish any justice. The glitter is made up of small pieces and some larger hexagonal pieces which can be seen in the macro shot of my thumb again please excuse the state of my nails been a busy few crafty weeks running up to Halloween and not had time to pamper them.

Heres another shot my thumb felt left out!

The pictures were taken on day 3 of me applying the polish to my nails as you can see it is durable, I am the pan washer in the family so it was worked to the maximum it did start to peel however, but on day 5. This is one polish I will enjoy wearing on a regular basis. Now for the macro of my thumb you can see the pieces of glitter more clearly. All the pictures were taken indoors with a flash light.

Macro of thumb with It's Alive polish


Theme Parks, Nail Polish, Glossy box and Halloween.

It has been a very busy week this week, that busy I am late with the blog but lets crack on!

The weekend was fabulous we stayed at the Premier Inn York, which for the price was very plush didn’t think to take a photo but would recommend it the food was excellent too. We were in York visiting our good friends Emma , Misty and Jared love you guys!Flamingo Land was great too but I can’t handle the rides anymore the kids loved them and even the Alien went a one !

Here are some pics of the weekend.

The kids on the spinner

Flamingo land from the ferris wheel

close up of York Minster

Wish I'd bought these now !

I have also bought my first China Glaze polish It’s from the Halloween 2011 collection I will do a swatch of it when my nails have grown out a bit but here is a pic of the bottle can’t wait to wear it on All Hallows Eve.

It's Alive

And finally I have just subscribed to glossy box, Every month, I  receive a  wrapped GLOSSYBOX filled with carefully selected beauty miniatures. But here is the thing it doesn’t just contain miniatures, in this months glossy box I got a full style nail polish and eyeliner from named brands I will do a special blog about my box when I have tried all the products but the Leighton Denny Nail polish in Babydoll pink looks yummy!

Pumpkin Update: Well it’s official all my home grown pumpkins are dead 😦 but fortunately I have backups just got to finish them now, even Asda has a poor selection I put it down to the really bad summer we have had again.

Week Three

This week I have had my hair cut short, made fancy dress costumes for a work colleagues children and started to finish my pumpkins for Halloween and also listed my first sell on ebay!

Before I go on I took the Alien to see Real Steel this week what a great film it made me want to jump up and shout for the robot Atom (secret boxing fan) here is a trailer for the film.

I have just finished my first week at work, I used to work 25 hours over 3 days (weekends) now I do the same over 5 days leaving my weekends free to do as I please and this weekend I am going to York to visit friends with a friend and the kids, can’t wait as we will be visiting Flamingo Land too, but thats a story for next week. I made the decision to have my hair cut shorter I will try and get a pic put up, the only problem with the cut it needs styling everyday, which gave me a great excuse ( didn’t really need one) too buy some GHD’s, Wow they are fantastic I purchased the ghd Iconic Eras Boho Chic Limited Edition Gold Styler Hair Straightener  from Amazon.

I have been very creative this week too, I mentioned to work colleague that I was decorating the house for a haunt at Halloween when she asked if I did fancy dress costumes, Oh Yes I love to make things from trash, the theme was Alice in Wonderland which was really easy, then she mentioned she would need 4 costumes hmmmmm the playing cards that would be the easy way out and here are the finished results I would have been happier if they had been a uniform size but I could only get certain sized boxes anyways with the help from another artistic work colleague we managed to finish these costumes in a few days.

       And below are a few pictures I promised to take of my pumpkins they are just waiting to be painted with there last coat then they will be ready for the patch

The larger one will be the head for my pumpkin patch scarecrow which I have yet to build a base for, I have all the equipment I just need the motivation to finish it.

And finally I have put some things on ebay, I have a dress I wore last Christmas and some ski wear that my boy only wore for 5 days check them out here

Week Two

Week Two

You may or may not have noticed I have moved my blog as I found Google blogger really hard to navigate so hence the move so without any further ado on with the blogging!

I have discovered make-up again,I don’t remember it being so difficult to choose, there are so many colours and shades, for different skin types there are powders, liquids, minerals and then what to prime your skin with? Because I have mature textured skin I can’t wear just any foundation or concealer and don’t forget he dark circles phew!
So I decided I needed a bit of help, after hours of searching I finally found a lady that makes it sound all too easy ( I suspect it won’t be), but at least she explains what you do and don’t need and what you do and don’t do in the world of make-up. Lisa Eldridge is one of the UK’s top make-up artists here is the link to her blog www.lisaeldridge.com she also has step by step videos for applying the make-up too.

Like I said earlier the only time the paint comes out is twice a year and I have used the same techniques and tools for nearly 10 years, so I took a huge step to changing that this week and bought some, I know it may not seem a huge deal to most women but if you hadn’t noticed I am not most women!
Here is a list of what I have bought so far;

I have also bought some nail polish by Rimmel I love lasting finish No 195 Perfect Plum and No 260 Green Grass this is the first time my nails will get a make over as they don’t usually grow long enough but there must be something in the water as they are quite long now.


Week One

In week one of the 41st year, I have yet to wear any woollies or wellies, I have had my second hangover of the year the last one being January 1st, I have done lots of overtime, spent minimal time on the PC (Facebook) and more time doing physical exercise and I have at last got another two baby pumpkins which I have carefully concealed from any lifeforms that would like to procure it.

The UK does not have a climate it has weather and what very strange weather we have had 29 degrees on my birthday, it was great to wear shorts and a t-shirt on my birthday without having to travel halfway across the world to wear it, although by the end of the week temperatures are set to drop to the low teens, back to normal then!

At the moment I am in the process of preparing for my favourite holiday Muhahahaha yep! Halloween, I have pumpkins that I have to paint, these were made last Halloween but I ran out of time so thought they would make a great addition this year. I will take some photos of them as i go along, the idea for the pumpkins is not my own I would like to take credit for that but alas i can’t Stolloween has that honour click on his name to see some of his amazing work.

My first outing of the year, first you say! oh yes you heard me right! I can only manage drinking twice a year as I seem to have the inability to control my consumption of alcohol, and I don’t mean I can’t handle the alcohol which I probably can’t, what I mean is that I don’t know when enough is enough the result being that I spend the following 3 days either bed bound or talking to a higher being for hours then going for a mind spin on a merry-go-round. So my birthday and New years eve are generally the only times I really drink alcohol. Anyway I had a fabulous night with my friends and people I met on the night, whom I suppose equate to strangers, I inevitably drank too much and danced far too long and now sport two lovely blue bruises on my heels which are painful too.

Even with all the excess alcohol squishing around my system I managed to get in some overtime working for the boss chops while he went to see the muppet show at Manchester, that is while he went to watch the muppets that are trying to run the country, I think I was right the first time I think!

As I mentioned earlier I have taken up physical exercise I know! I thought I was allergic to it too, but it seems I have found a way to exercise without my body and mind realising what I’m doing. Zumba what a fantastic idea my favourite dancing and music all rolled into an exercise routine, at the moment I have only managed to use the Wii game but in time I am hoping to join a class. Because of the blue heels I have neglected my usual nightly date with the Wii and Zumba so in the meantime I will have to make do with my bike.

Finally about a month ago I noticed my first two pumpkins emerging, but a few days later they disappeared apparently the local squirrels are partial to a pumpkin and decided to grab a free meal, so I was leaving the pumpkin patch to die back and I was going to use it as a prop for my Haunt, I had a look today and found another two growing so, I have made them wildlife proof and hopefully I will eventually have my own homegrown ones sadly not in time for the Halloween season.

     Giggle of the Week!